You Have the Right to Remain Silent, just not the Ability

Will the Patsy Take the Fall

As you know by now, the  Times changed gears and involved Mrs. Lutz in their last recall article.  I believe it was done to try and distract readers from the real issue: “Harris told The Times Wednesday that Kanieski did not bring the petition to his home. Harris would not say who brought the petition to him, however.”

If you notice page 62 the 5th sponsor line is the name of W. Brian Harris, neighbor of Commissioner Lutz.  As a sponsor, Mr. Harris has sworn that Commissioner Lutz has committed an act of malfeasance, violated his oath of office and has committed an act of misconduct in office.  However, when confronted by the  Times, all Mr. Harris could complain about was that the “recall notice was me (Mr. Harris) exercising my First Amendment rights to free speech and to criticize a public official that I think is doing a bad job, and that’s simply it”.   All the sudden, his position has softened.  He is no longer making allegations of misconduct and malfeasance.

The issue, however, is noted by Lutz’s attorney on page 5, paragraph (f); “every elector signing an application shall do so in the presence of the person circulating the petition.”  While I do not fault Mr. Harris for not signing in front of the correct person, the circulator listed should be at fault for violating the code.  If I am reading it right, Mr. Kanieski, you might have committed a felony.

The problem with organizing a coup, is if you fail, you can lose your head so you better be successful.  The stars are aligning to look very bad for Mr. Kanieski.  At this time, you might be wondering who Mr. Kanieski is, because you thought the Mr. Bobby Hulsy of the Hall County Tax Assessors Board was leading the recall effort.  Since Mr. Hulsey lives out of district, they had to find a “straw man” to be the face of the recall effort.

The interesting thing is that I cannot find a quote from Mr. Kanieski.  The best I could find is a quote from Mr. Hulsey saying that, “Mr. Kanieski is probably just as much concerned about what happened in January as anybody that I’ve talked to.  He was the first person that came forward when we started this — when we brought it up that this was going to happen.”  Oh wait, I see where Mr. Kanieski is engaged, he wrote a letter to the editor back at the end of January.  Hey Mr. Kanieski, where have you been?

Dude, you have stepped in it… or maybe you were pushed.  Let’s look at a democratic grab for power: recently one of the Hall County delegation made a play for house majority leader and when he lost, he was stripped of his committee chair (Banks and Banking).  So, even good people suffer when they make a power play.  The question you need to ask is what will be the consequence of your power play?  Now that the  Times has brought Lutz’s wife into the fray, I just don’t see Lutz letting bygones be bygones.

I have sent an e-mail to the Commissioner to see if he has anything else to say other than his “democratic process” B.S.  If/when I hear from him, I will let you know what he says.  In the mean time, Mr. Harris, you might want to keep a robe close because based on your statement to the paper; I think you will be getting that subpoena to testify against Mr. Kanieski pretty soon.

Hugh Hall County Akston

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  1. gt183
    August 30, 2011 at 8:59 am

    I bet that the real motivation for the recall are the firings that occurred back in January. The good ole boys never knew how to do business above the table, they only knew how to do business with people that they knew. Now that there is a new group in the government, they don’t know how to compete fairly.

    The recall is about getting one of their own back in power.

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