You are FIRED… JK, lol.

I believe that the power and influence of Oliver was under estimated.   That was made apparent  in the un-firing of Stewart Melvin and Frost.  What a ridiculous joke.  Can you make it look any more like you were bought, bribed or blackmailed?

This is sickening.

So everything will go back to the way it was?  So Oliver really does run this?

With other great candidates for the job, you have reversed yourselves and taken the very firm you FIRED?  How does that make you look?

Comments are open?  I dare you to tell me why?  To tell Hall County why?  You won’t.  You can not justify your actions.

Mr. Lutz, you say that you knew, and you say that there were other reasons to let Stewart Melvin and Frost go.

Well then this whole mess is your fault as well.

If you would have brought out in the open the reasons that SMF were let go as well as all the other terminations then the people of Hall County would have justification for the actions of the Commission.

Instead you try to preserve the reputation of those people.   That is just DUMB.  there is no room in your business for heart felt kindness.   If  the Gang of 3 would have tossed everyone under the bus when they let them go then there would be no “take-backs”

Then Bell and Gibbs would not be ABLE to vote to un-fire anyone and the People of Hall County would understand that the terminations were beyond necessary.

The Truth.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program:

The future is back to the past

Well, I didn’t see that one coming.  The commission voted 4 to 1 to bring back the firm that they fired on January 6th.  We all knew the fix was in; the surprising part was the vote.

I went back and looked at the minutes from the January 6th meeting.  Here are some interesting points: Commissioner Bell made the motion to replace the firm and Commissioner Bell made the initial contact with the interim firm.  The bad part concerning the vote tonight is how Bell and Gibbs abandoned their counterpart.  We figured that Gibbs was going to fold, but for Bell to go makes the whole thing look silly.

So where are we now?  Should we expect to see a return of the old administration?  I don’t think so.  It is one thing to overpay for an interim attorney, but to pay a severance, then hire back?  That is too much.  I think one of the posters on the evil Times may have a point; this could be a deal to take the interim tag off the county administrator.  If so, Lutz didn’t bite at the offer.  If not……..

Hugh Hall County Akston

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