Where is Robin Hood When We Need Him?

The sky is falling!!!!

I see that the powers to be had their tax digest meeting. The outcome? Tax revenue is down. Go figure. According to the finance director, “the expectation is we could see percentages of five to ten percent possibly.” Granted it is not the 20% that I speculated, but it is down.

The real question for me is if the numbers are down and they raise the millage rate, is it a tax increase? For instance, if last year your house was appraised at $200k and the millage rate was .2, then your tax would have been $160. If this year you appeal and your house was appraised at $150k, then with 2 mills you would have paid $120. BUT, if they raise the millage to .267 after your appeal, you would be back at $160. If they raise the millage rate, but you don’t pay more, is it a tax increase?

The problem is that when property taxes were on the rise, they rarely went down on the millage rate to match the increase in the tax digest. Then they said that they didn’t raise taxes. However, we all know that the properties will not be uniform in their assessed value. So if they go up on the millage, then some people will pay more.

We want smaller government and fewer taxes. I think that this is a good time cut. We don’t need to maintain the status quo. Let’s cut, cut, cut! Let’s find the bone and justify the spending.

Hugh Hall County Akston

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  1. George T
    March 31, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    What does it take to get the message across? We want fewer taxes!

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