From an article in the Gainesville Times it appears that the Hall County School System has a windfall of a few million dollars. Most of this was because of an increase in student enrollment, but a good chunk of it was from payroll costs being less than planned for. To me, even a half million dollars seems like quite a lot. Now, I am not sorry to see this windfall; however, with payroll costs of more than $140,000,000 (140 million dollars) in fiscal year 2011 (this is the financial year from July 2010 through June 2011), we the people certainly need to be kept informed as to where, for what, and how much money is being spent in our names. Those $140,000,000 people costs are only half the system budget. In the second half of this fiscal year The Truth will try to get some of this information to you. If there are any areas of particular interest, tell us so we can get to the truth. This way, you decide.

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