“When you run this, you can do it your way”

Hall County Chairman, who will it be?

I mentioned before that I am an official member of the armadillo hat club.

This club should not be confused with the tin foil hat club. The primary difference between the two conspiracy clubs is that the armadillo club does not think that the federal government is using mind control; hence we do not feel the need to line our hats with tin foil. However, as an official conspiracy club, we often talk about politics and what’s in it for who topics.

As we start to move into the political season, we have to start our list on who we think may run for the Chairman of Hall County. With that, the members of the armadillo hat club have come up with the candidates (in alphabetical order by last name):

· Doug Aiken- North Hall citizen and former President of the Hall County Taxpayers Association. One of the members of the armadillo hat club told me that Mr. Aiken is “seriously considering” a run for the chair. Overall, he doesn’t have much name recognition, but he is recognizable because he is often on TV18.

· Steve Gailey- the former North Hall commissioner. Some think that Steve has too much baggage. The interesting thing about this rumored candidate is that he probably knows where the bones are buried in Oliver’s back yard. Of course, Oliver probably knows where they are buried in Gailey’s back yard as well.

· Tom Oliver- the current Chairman and former South Hall commissioner. Some think that the Chairman has age and health issues. Others think that there is too much baggage.

We talked about several other people, like Lee Hawkins, but dismissed them for various reasons like slotted for another position or lake of name recognition. If you have heard a rumor, please e-mail it to me: hughakston@hallcountytruth.com. This will be one of the races that I am most interested in and I am excited to ponder the outcome. If it becomes a three way race, then they key will be who can get around with the least amount of mud on them.

Hugh Hall County Akston

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