What’s the Deal?

Ok, so I took some interest in the Fox 5 I- Team investigation into the Southern Magnolia Capital/Governor Deal story.   I am by no means the I-Team, nor do I have their resources.  What I do have is some internet insight.  So here is what The Truth found:

Southernmagnoliacapital.com is a one page web site.  According to Godaddy.com the sight was created on Jan 24, 2011 (see Whois image below) The site was last updated on January 26th, two days later and months after the  $90 thousand was paid to Southern Magnolia Capital, according to the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission’s website.

I won’t bore you with the Chamber of Commerce web site dates, Fox 5 took care of that.   What I will tell you is way more interesting to me…

The domain name “Southernmagnoliacapital.com”  is owned by Jason Williams.   Here is the domain name registration information from GoDaddy.com:

Go Daddy Who Is

Jason Williams
554 West Main Street
Building A, STE 200
Buford, Georgia 30518
United States

Who is Jason Williams?

That is what got my attention.  Mr. Williams is the Chief Creative Officer of a company called The Stoneridge Group.  The bio on their website says that he opened his own shop 10 years ago,  The Stoneridge Group.

So what is the big deal right?  I mean anyone can buy a domain name, right?  Right.  My question is how many domain name buyers collect $897,389.19 (a rough estimate) from Nathan Deal for Governor Inc? Almost 900 thousand dollars from 6/09 to11/2010.    The last payment to Stoneridge Group was $100k on the 8th of November.  “We Won” Bonus?  Maybe.  Southern Magnolia Capital received forty Thousand dollars that same day($40,000.00).  I want that bonus plan.

Let me make something very clear,  Stoneridge Group looks like a legit company who has taken part in many big elections.   I am not saying anything about their campaign services.  I am however, wondering why it is that THEY own the domain name for Southern Magnolia Capital.  A web page put up in January of THIS year.  What is the relationship between Stoneridge Group and Southern Magnolia Capital?

There you go Fox 5.  Dale Russell has a new direction to look in.  Wonder if he will get banned from Georgia all together?

The Truth

  2 comments for “What’s the Deal?

  1. ctheorist
    May 18, 2011 at 6:55 pm

    Im needing help to follow you.

    The Internet media company is paid $900K to provide online services to Deal campaign. Is that hig. low. or normal?

    The person that hired the company is paid $90K plus salary to hire and promote said media xompany?

    ok? what next?

  2. George T
    May 19, 2011 at 12:48 am

    Where there is smoke…..

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