What’s in a Name?

In what is looking more and more like the county commission’s version of Custard’s Last Stand, the BOC appears to be going down the unfriendly road in changing the name of Friendship Road to Lake Lanier Islands Parkway.  To me this looks like a battle between history and future with change being the weapon of choice on the side of Lake Lanier Islands Parkway.

This is a battle that started about 3 years ago when the people backing history let the future grab a toe hold by letting the west side of the road change without much of a fuss.  Now the future wants it all.  Changing the name of roads has been going on for a long time.  Back in 1903, the City of Atlanta changed a whole bunch of names on their roads, but times were probably different.  Considering that the Model T didn’t come into existence until ~1908, I would guess that the street address probably had little impact on a person’s life.

Today, our home address is on a lot of things from our I.D. to our checks.  The hassle of the change should be the biggest issue for the history buffs because, frankly, I just don’t see a lot of history down there.  I guess the most historical thing along the road would be Friendship Baptist Church, but it isn’t even on Friendship Road.

I would expect that there will be a number of residents that come out.  Since I heard that they have been knocking on doors all over South Hall, we should expect a whole bunch of signatures from people that probably don’t really care; they just want the person to leave so they can get back to their lives.

If I were to guess, in the future I will be telling my friends to take the exit after Lake Lanier Islands Parkway to get to my house.  Maybe when they are done they can look at some of the other road names in the county: Jim Crow (yeah, I know, but a visitor wouldn’t), Blackjack (I thought this was the Bible belt, not Las Vegas), and Hog Mountain (seriously, are we in Hazard County?).  While you are at it, how about eliminating all the multiple names on roads: Spout Springs/Phil Niekro/Snelling (Can I buy a vowel?), Atlanta Hwy/Falcon Pky/Atlanta Hwy (gone bipolar?), Hog Mountain/Ridge Road (I think if you hit the list twice, you should be changed), oh and Lake Lanier Islands Parkway/Friendship Road (‘nuff said).

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