What the Truck is Going on?

Oh come on.  I am calling bullshit on this one.  Yes, I said bullshit.  This new super truck that the Hall County Sheriff has proudly announced that they are receiving is a load and a half.  Hey, how does that wool over your face feel, Mr. Hall County resident?

The first item on today’s agenda is the comment from the HCS was this:

“There are some costs associated with it. I think they’re minimal,” he said. “The sheriff’s department is not asking for anything to be added to our budget; we will absorb the operating costs of this vehicle with the budget as it stands right now.”

The A Team Rides Again

Now let’s talk about this.  Whatever the costs may be,  They are going to “absorb” them?  Wait just a dag-on minute.  How could you find room in your budget to ABSORB anything after you jumped up and down in a hissy fit claiming that you couldn’t drop your budget an inch and still operate the HCSD?      Absorb some of the  furlough days then.

I have idea, put the thing on Craig’s List and sell it, take the money and donate it to all the Hall County employees who are LOSING their HOMES!

Maybe Loan it to Chairman Oliver, he could use it to transport the cases and cases of beer that a North East Distributing truck (Miller/Corona) was reported dropping off at the Chestnut Mountain Egg Farm a few months back.  (Ya, we saw that!)

(You would have to have a liquor license for that, right Chairman? )

The word on the street is that in order for Hall county SWAT to be rated as a “Type 1” Swat team, they must first have this over grown Tonka Truck.   So I believe that the motives for getting this bad boy go quite a bit deeper than the Times is reporting.

But really it’s not fair, the other counties have one, why not Hall.  Well, other than the fact that they are not broke, raising taxes, crapping on the their county employees, have crooks running things, ran by the secret society of Good ole Boys, a gazillion  behind in back property tax that they can’t collect, having a power struggle of epic proportions on their BOC and have minimal corruption in their law enforcement?  Other than that, I can’t see a reason not to get the shiny new toy.

Here is Cherokee’s new toy:



Gibb’s, you are right, everything has a cost.  They will brush this under the rug before we get the actual cost of the machine.   there is a back door on this truck, Commissioner Gibbs, if you know what I mean.


As for Lutz,  well, the comment crew over at the times made mention that “what is it was your family that needed help” and I have to say that it wouldn’t matter.  Unless that truck could drive itself to save Lutz, he is probably SOL.   As your luck would have it, the day you have an emergency, the whole HCSD would be on furlough.

The Comment Crew alerted us that this is your fault Commissioner Lutz, and you Commissioner Gibbs.  If you had not done your JOB and voted they way you deemed you should in respresentation of the citizen you represent, none of this would even have come out for me to scrutinize.

Do they realize how stupid they sound with these comments.  Point of Order!  They MUST know.   Get on your bandwagon people, but need I remind you, this County didn’t fall apart when Lutz and Gibbs were hired.  It was already headed down the bowl.

You people need to ask the right questions if you want the answers. If you want the Truth.  Don’t settle for what the Gainesville Times feeds you and say  “now I know”  because you don’t know.  They tell you what they believe you want to hear, in my opinion, and never the entire truth.





  3 comments for “What the Truck is Going on?

  1. gt183
    August 18, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    Welcome back and thanks for the afternoon chuckle. I’m looking forward to seeing our new tank in a parade near you.

  2. Dominique Francon
    August 27, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    I’m glad we got the vehicle. The tax dollars were going somewhere so they might as well stay here in Hall County.

  3. John Doe
    May 30, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    It’s paid by grant money from the state. Get your facts straight. I got
    In it today and it’s pretty sick. Perfect way to keep hall co. safe.

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