The fix is in

Remember that it was reported here first back on March 11: today the commission will vote to reinstate the law firm that they dismissed on January 6th.  Word on the street is that the fix is in and that one of the 3 commissioners that voted to fire Stewart, Melvin and Frost (SMF) will flip to put them back in.  While the Gainesville Times reported that these two firms would be interviewed by all the commissioners, I have confirmed with a source that the commissioners did not even interview the two finalists: SMF and Fox, Chandler, Homans, Hicks & McKinnon.

I have been working the network to try and figure out the turncoat.  My first guess was that Commissioner Bell may be the one to flip.  You may remember his quote in the evil Times where he said “the county will pay (Holland and Knight a.k.a. H&K) about the same amount for legal fees that they paid Blalock (Stewart, Melvin and Frost).”  The thought is that the heat was on since that plan didn’t seem to be working out.  The armadillo hat club pondered that Commissioner Bell’s ousting of SMF had more to do with drawing out campaign contributions and support for his next election (this is the kiss and make up theory).  After careful consideration, I don’t think Bell will be the one to flip.  How can he explain the H&K fiasco if he goes back to SMF?

Then I thought that Lutz might be the one to bail since things didn’t seem to be working out his way.  He has seemed to lose every vote.  Maybe he was looking to swap pawns so he could get his way on another issue.  My sources tell me that the Chairman hasn’t said a word to Lutz outside of a meeting since Lutz was sworn in.  The air between them is so cold; it has been thought that the Lutz/Oliver relationship is the solution to end global warming.  So my guess is that Lutz will be road kill on another issue tonight.

That leaves the Commissioner from North Hall.  Let’s see where he stands on some of the issues like the Library in Clermont: Commissioner Elect Gibbs said that he was going to move the library to Clermont, that it was “a mandate from my voters.”  Well so far all he has been able to do is to change the name of the “library” to “technology center”; nothing has moved.  In reviewing the other archives, I can’t see where he promised much more to the North Hall voters.  I do not live in his district, so I will have to leave it up to someone to make that determination.

Prediction: tonight when the commission gets to item 12a on the agenda, the chairman will motion to appoint SMF, Commissioner Powell will make the second, Lutz will jump up and down in protest before being run over by the chairman, and then the vote will be 3-2 with Gibbs voting with the majority.  I predict that we won’t hear a peep from Gibbs or Bell on this one.

If there was ever a thought about the “gang of three”, after tonight the lines of allegiance will probably be redrawn.  Tune in to see…..

Hugh Hall County Akston

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  1. George T
    April 28, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    Noooo. I wonder if they will hire them all back now. Nothing like a 3-6 month vacation.

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