To Good to Pass Up

So Mr. Anonymous decided to pipe up again.  And although it would seem that Mr. Akston is covering this heaping load off crap going on in Flowery Branch, I couldn’t help but add this little tid bit I received via email.  It would seem that the methods of the Branch’s leadership is causing a stink. 



From Anonymous:

Well that did not take long.
In the last article submitted by anonymous, I told you that the supposed surplus that Flowery Branch had would soon be squandered. I posed the question of if it would anger some or wake them up to the facts that the spendthrift Flowery Branch City Council led by City manager Bill Andrew, Mayor Mike Miller, and Tara Richards would start to spend money on greater creature comforts, consultants to do their jobs, or  unneeded higher salaries. Instead of spending it on roads and other projects that good responsible governments do and then taking leftovers and give them back to taxpayers.
Where is the evidence, you say,  for my suspicions that we are being represented by big government spendthrifts in Flowery Branch?


I am glad you asked.


First off,  Flowery Branch city council was asked by the city manager to approve a $4000 contract to a consultant to STUDY wages for employees of the local government.  Who cares about a study to back up the fact that this year the city manager (Bill) will put in the budget a raise for all employees including himself.  This will be championed by the mayor (Mike Miller) and councilwoman Tara Richards.  Which is exactly why they voted it down, they are resolved to spend it already so no study needed, besides they want to appear to be not spending.

It is all a rouse people.

But surprisingly it was a motion by the newest council member Damon Gibbs.  Looks like he is not very fiscally conservative, but who believes a guy that spends SPLOST money like it fell from the sky to be a conservative (he is director of SPLOST projects for Hall county Schools). Maybe we should vet our candidates a little better instead of choosing them based on their address.
What juicy second piece of information do I have for you?  Well on February 20th the council met in near secrecy.  On an off meeting night (Monday not Thursday). They met for about 20 minutes before going into a prolonged private session. Emerging from their private session they motioned to hire a finance director. A position that will likely fetch a princely salary from the pockets of the Flowery Branch Taxpayers.  And why you ask. Its not because the city has grown, or the workload has increased. No this is simply to create more government spending and less work for Bill and others. What ??? That is right. This work cannot be done by a man who makes nearly $ 100,000 a year in salary alone before his other perks.  It cannot be performed by the BUREAUCRAT that is draining your hard earned money from your pockets, aided by his willing DUPES, the mayor Mike Miller and now entire council????  No, it must be done by someone else because the man responsible for the job, the city Manager cannot handle it.  And yet we keep him employed???


I have an idea why don’t you hire another consultant to make promises to get an easier financial system in place with no results again.  Oh you did that already, ok then.  Stop the insanity. I think a citizen budget review committee should be formed with access to information and real input from the departments to make suggestions on how to spend OUR money.  Get Bureaucrats and ILL informed, big government, spendthrifts like MIKE MILLER on the record for their deeds.  Put their days of giving our money away to an end.  This council does not deserve public trust or authority.


Wait one minute,  I have never heard a word about any of this before.  Why has the paper (Gainesville Times ) not said a word about how the citizens of Flowery Branch are being hosed by the Mayor Mike Miller and city manager.  Well ladies and gents it is because of two reasons.  One the paper is published by Denis Stockton, A cousin of Tom Oliver’s.  Tom put Bill in the job at Flowery Branch.  With the help of  his friends there at the time for some weird reason and we are trying to track down the details now.  Suffice it to say Tom wanted someone he knew and could control and Bill knew where the bodies were hidden.  So Tom got him a raise and an ironclad contract (illegal one as well) and on it goes. Bill, being skilled enough to keep a slight majority on his side, has stayed on the job and now runs the town. I have said it before and I will say it again.  Bill runs the town.  The mayor (Mike Miller) has no ideas or leadership ability only a desire to gain higher office.  Lets examine that a little later on but for now remember he quit 4 months after being elected councilman to run for Mayor. During that race he said he had a 10 year plan,  but never mentioned a word about it.   That’s because he had no plan except to do whatever Bill told him to do.  So Mike Miller wants a  higher office, has no plans or details of plans, AND lets a bureaucrat run him like a cheap suit. That is the takeaway here people.  But I digress.


Reason number two?  Jeff Gill is the only reporter to cover Flowery Branch.  He has no competition from other reporters or even other papers.  He is a really bad reporter, lazy as well, and he likes Bill.  So he prints things that favor Bill. Go back and read the stories in the archives again and look for the central theme, Bill does this – Bill does that.  Never once a mention of the council unless it is to make one of Bill or Dennis’s (I mean Tom’s ) enemies look bad.  So If you live in Hall county and want to know what is really going on DO NOT READ THE Gainesville Times.  It is a joke of a paper and will mislead you totally.


In summation, I do not trust the paper, Jeff Gill, Dennis Stockton, Tom Oliver, Mike Miller or Bill Andrew.   They are big Spending liberals and care only to make themselves richer off your backs, or to cling to some misguided idea of fame by being elected. I will make another prediction: in a few months Mike Miller will quit Flowery Branch as Mayor and run for the state house 103 district. It will be the 3rd elected position he has run for and the 2nd resignation from public office in 3 years.  I for one would never vote for him, Only a fool would.

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