Time to Crash the Party

it is time for the Republican Party to get their brand back. Imagine if I were to bottle some soda and apply the Coca-Cola label to it; you think I would get into some trouble? You see, Coke gets to determine who can use their brand, but the GOP cannot. Sure the GOP had a moment or two when it raised a ruckus, but it is now as it was in 2008; “Anybody who pays the money can qualify as a candidate.”

However, with only two choices “R” or “D” for a candidate and with the “D” brand having little chance, many candidates who want to serve the public pay the money and run in the party where they have the best chance to win, not where they are the best fit. Worse, the party has no choice. That is why we seem to have an abundance on RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) in office.

That is why I support H.B. 58 which would make gaining access to the ballot easier. Currently, to gain access a candidate has to capture signatures from 5% of the registered voters. So in the case of the independent that wanted to qualify for county commission, he needed 935 signatures and was only able to collect 716. If H.B. 58 passes, he would have only needed to collect signatures for 2% of the number in the last election or 190 signatures.  This bar as much lower and more reasonable.

I do have a stipulation…. When the bar is lowered, I want the GOP to have more say in who can run under their brand. In order for the party to control their brand, I think we are going to have to change the party process to either a closed primary or a caucus system. I think that both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, but by going this direction, we can determine who carries our banner at a lower cost.

Last Friday I was talking to someone about my ideas on how to improve the party. At that time he said that he was a Republican since Goldwater or Roosevelt or someone (he was old). I hated to tell him that he wasn’t a Republican, he just voted Republican as I had never seen him at a meeting and he had never joined the GOP. I believe that a closed primary or caucus would make our politicians more accountable to the party since the party members would have a say. I also believe that it would restore values to our Party.

I think it is time for voters to have more choice and for the Party to have more choice.

Your friend,

Commissioner Chuck

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  1. February 14, 2015 at 8:07 am

    Both parties should try to understand how ballot access works in their favor to strengthen and increase their brand identities. I’ve written a companion piece on ballot access for Truth readers here: http://hallcountytruth.com/pass-the-clothespin/

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