The Tax Man Cometh

I attended the Flowery Branch City Council meeting tonight to watch them raise my taxes for a 3rd consecutive year by a vote of 3 to 1 with Mayor Mike Miller casting the deciding vote and Councilman Joe Anglin casting the dissenting vote. The issue that I have is that only one person, Councilman Anglin, even tried to offer an alternative. The rest just waffled around with the exception of the Mayor who took some kind of informal poll that said 50+ people wanted the tax increase while only 7 were against it; of course, no one spoke out against it. But to really see the impact, we need to break down all of the tax increases.

The first increase was LOST. This was the silent tax increase. As it has been noted here Local Option Sales Tax was designed for property tax relief. In other words, the 1 penny sales tax is supposed to be used to roll back our property tax. Needless to say, Flowery Branch never rolled back the property tax. The city budget anticipates $810,000 in LOST next year. With the city benefiting by 110.07%, the proper rollback would have been about 1.64 mils.

The second increase was more straight forward as it was a real millage rate increase of .5 mils.  Once again the lone dissenting vote came from Council Member Anglin.

The final tax increase came tonight when the council voted to absorb the increased assessments rather than do a rollback. This ended up being a .314 mil increase.

All together I have experienced a milage rate increase of 2.28 mils. This is real money. In total, this year it will cost the Commissioner Chuck household $308.35 this year. The problem is that we the people have let our elected officials slide on their responsibility to the voters. So here is the deal, the first person to knock on my door after qualifying to run against either Councilmember Mary Jones, Councilmember Fred Richards, or Mayor Mike Miller AND signs a no tax increase pledge, I will contribute $308.35 to your campaign.

If our council refuses to work for us, then it is time to encourage more people to run.

Your Friend,

Commissioner Chuck

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  1. June 19, 2015 at 11:48 am

    Great idea on the pledge! Using the formula, it looks like my city tax will go up by $113.09. That’s a far cry from the “$22 increase” that is being reported by the media and pushed out by the city.

    I’ll join your pledge Commissioner but with a slight variation. I’ll add $113.09 to the first person to knock on my door after qualifying to run AND sign a pledge to roll back the millage rate for FY 2017 to what it was in 2013 (2.837 mils) and KEEP IT THERE for the duration of their term of office. Until 2014, the millage rate had stayed the same since 2006. I would garner most of our citizens have seen very little increase in their own revenues since 2006 and if we all can manage, our government should be able to as well. Lest we forget the additional $810,000 in city revenue anticipated through LOST as you point out.

  2. Paul Godfrey
    June 21, 2015 at 9:40 pm

    Up front I am not a Flowery Branch city resident so this tax doesn’t affect me, right? Not so. This need to liberally spend other people’s money for “the greater good” has been a plague that our local area has suffered from for years. It is a disease that constantly seeks to be fed. We see the same “Need for Feed” in our county school system and in our county government. We need new blood to get the “know better how to spend your money than you” government out of our pockets and into its place. My voice is but one crying in the wilderness, but if enough of the citizenry cares to raise that hue and cry surely government greed must fall. .

    • GT183
      June 22, 2015 at 11:05 pm

      I’m not a resident either, but I sure paid for my fair share of city government when I was given a bogus ticket while getting onto Spout Springs road. That little wanna be town needs to go away.

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