The Silence is Deafening


Gainesville City Council (photo from

On Tuesday (Dec 18th) the Gainesville City Council met but no discussion occurred in regard to the “Island” annexation of the proposed 115 parcels. You can see the actual locations on these 5 maps (1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.) My favorite skipped parcel is the one owned by Gainesville Mayor Danny Dunagan’s brother Lanny W. Dunagan. Riled Up  discussed this in detail. The part I found interesting was that no council person would discuss the fact that they did not discuss it.

I made a few calls and as reported it appears the County Commission plans to sue if Gainesville forcibly annexes the properties. The 2 commissioners I spoke to said they thought annexation was a disservice to those people effected. They also discussed that the State Legislature is looking at fixing this issue in the session starting this coming January.  

I then called a State Legislator who confirmed that the Legislature will address this come January. But then the conversation got interesting. The Legislator (yes I’m keeping names out on purpose) said this issue did not look good or smell good. He (hint hint) also said that he discussed the issue directly with the council and told them the annexation didn’t pass the smell test. Then he said that if this annexation happened before the state could fix it there would be repercussions. Let’s just say the Legislator was unhappy. His biggest concern seemed to be the taxpayer (bought time someone stood up for us.) He said if one business goes under due to Gainesville making a land grab for extra money he would make sure they felt it as much as the business owner whose business failed due to their actions. Needless to say I was very impressed when I finished my conversation.

Maybe the Council’s lack of action was due to this Legislator (and hopefully others) who stood up to the 5 City Clowns Council Members. I hope one day the citizens of Gainesville get to the point where they have had enough and vote these 5 tax lovers out of office.

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  1. GT183
    December 30, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    Was it our State Senator, Butch Miller? I can’t tell if he is in an island, but he isn’t in the forced annexation. If you go in and look at Gainesville’s island annexation map, it looks like Milton Martin Honda is in an island and has been excluded from the annexation. He probably doesn’t want to look like the Gainesville insider that they are making Stowe out to appear since they conveniently left Stowe out.

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