The Clouds just got Greyer in Flowery Branch

City of Flowery Branch (council and bureaucratic employees not city limits or citizens) has been a joke for decades. But in every situation that is bad you usually have a silver lining. One silver lining in Flowery Branch is leaving. It is unfortunate when these things happen but understandable. James Riker, city planner is leaving to go to the City of Duluth. I started asking some of my friends in Flowery Branch why Riker was leaving? They told me that many employees are tired of dealing with a couple of key people in Management. So evidently Riker had his feelers out for a different job and Duluth needed a planner and will pay him more money. The information I got from sources then got backed up by a quote from Riker himself. “I expect that in a very short time we will see Flowery Branch change in a very positive way,” he said. Wow, that’s a back handed way of being complimentary of your previous employer. Normally I don’t take a liking to West Coasters but Riker was a good guy and will be missed when I have to deal with the morons in Flowery Branch. Good luck to you James Riker in your new endeavors. Duluth, you just picked up a good asset.

One last note to the City of Flowery Branch, your website is a joke. Front page has a public notice from April 23, 2012. Your news page hasn’t been updates since January 21, 2011. Check out the web site of your competitor who just stole your best employee. I’m just trying to help you guys be less embarrassing.

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