That’s Not Very Friendly

It looks like Braselton doesn’t want the Friendship Road name change to die.  Evidently, the resolution passed by the Town says, “The town is mindful of the rich history and heritage of Friendship Road and its inhabitants and its significance to the region” and “To the extent necessary and in affirming the present name” so the council ratified Ga. 347, including any future realignment ending at Ga. 211 within the town, as Friendship Road.

Interesting.  If you didn’t know, the road that medical center is on is part of the new realignment is currently named Thompson Mill Road.  You see, I think that is part of the confusion since Thompson Mill Road is not going away with the new road.  The medical center was probably going to have a road name change anyway.  Also interesting is the fact that that there is very little of Friendship Road in the Town; the majority of the current road is either named Thompson Mill or New Friendship Road.

However, the Town wants to make sure that heritage of the new road stays intact.  I wonder why they abandoned “Chateau Elan Parkway” like the Mayor asked for.  My guess is that they are holding out for the right price.  Hmmm, have we settled on LOST yet?

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  1. GT183
    March 24, 2013 at 8:09 pm

    In that space eater called “The Paper of Flowery Branch” that comes in my mailbox every Thursday, I see where the Flowery Branch Mayor jumped on the bandwagon by saying that he stands “with our municipal friends in Braselton that object to the name change without their input”. He went on to say that he thinks that Lake Lanier Islands should reimburse the residents.

    I guess that Flowery Branch has a piece of the road by the quarry. I wonder if they will pass a resolution as well.

    Going back to the unsolicited mail piece sent out every Thursday, how much does this cost? There is a 50¢ price on it and they have to pay postage. It doesn’t seem like a great business model.

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