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At-Large Voting


I’ve been asked my opinion on at-large voting. Personally it only makes sense if the jurisdiction is very small. Can you imagine if a councilman only represented a couple hundred people and was voted in by a voting populace of less than 50? But as population grows I really think at-large voting is a way…

Going, Going….

I read in the legal organ where they want to charge for people for the ability to read the news online.  Lucky for us, we will still be able to read the legals.  So, it looks like we will have to get our information from somewhere else.

No Respect

I would imagine that the Town of Braselton must be feeling a little like Rodney Dangerfield; they just can’t get any respect. First, the County goes and names a road within their jurisdiction, now it appears the state has done so as well.  In what has to be an embarrassing oversight for our legal organ,…

Rise Up to Raise Up

What do our politicians do? Over the past couple of days the Gainesville Times has reported that one of our city councils are considering a pay raise and that our officials attend a lot of meetings. I am guessing that the Gainesville Times had set out on a witch hunt, but found that our officials…