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The Dragon Boats are Coming

Tax Leach of the Day

Well, it’s budget season. And all the Departments and Agencies are coming to the Commissioners begging for MORE money. Yes I said MORE, not the same or less. Well at least most are. I expect it. What fool would come asking for less. If they are going to pass out FREE money why not ask.…

I Call Tails


Early voting has started for continuing the tax referendum we call SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax). That is with a T, by the way, not shh as in SPLOSH. I have listened to the pros and the cons, the supporters and the opposition. There are some subcategories of both, but first let’s talk…

Pass the Clothespin

Boy with Clothespin On Nose

By: Amanda SwaffordWe constantly complain there aren’t enough good candidates running for office. We see others hold the proverbial clothespin firmly on their nose and vote for candidates they really don’t like.  Unless we have decided to totally disengage from the system, we all do it at some point. In Georgia, such behavior is essentially…

Schools getting hit hard this year.

First time school board members must be asking themselves why they ran for school board. The State starts by telling them they may stop paying for insurance for all part time non-certified employees. Then the State tells them they may take away the E-SPLOST penny in fuel tax by converting it to an excise tax.

SPLOST may need the luck of the Irish to pass


The election for Hall County SPLOST VII has been set for March 17, St. Patrick’s Day. From AccessNorthGa.com: Projections for SPLOSTVII proceeds over the five years of its life span have been estimated at $135.09 million. The City of Gainesville will receive 18.813% of that amount, or $25,414,482.

Is it a $100,000 driveway?


Looks as though my amateur investigative journalism sparked the interest of the Gainesville Times today. The reporter repeated my questions and even raised a few of his own. But let’s just focus on a few main points for now.

Common Core Math Behind that BOE land deal…

Hall BOE

As the slow economy begins to rebound, our local governing entities are finding more money in their coffers for those good ol’ fashioned political land deals that we used to read so much about before the financial meltdown in 2008. You may have recently read in the local news outlets that the Hall County Board of…

Reflecting on a Point of Order

Today marks the 4 year anniversary of my 1st county commissioner meeting. Often times when we reflect on activities of the past, we do so in the context of the present day. Take for example the PATRIOT Act or “Enhanced Interrogations”: today I am not a fan of the PATRIOT Act and the loss of…

LOST in another SPLOST

Are you ready for the next round of SPLOST?  Well, ready or not, here it comes.  The cities are starting to get their ducks in a row.  Forget about the fact that Gainesville is suing the County, or the fact that T-SPLOST was hammered in an election last year, the cities look to be positioning…