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Budget? We don’t need no stinking budget!


I believe the Commission Chairman has officially lost his mind. He now believes that TAX money grows on trees and budgets are for the birds and completely unnecessary. Is it his age or is it a symptom of him being a tax leach his whole life? Keep in mind he has been a government employee…

The Dragon Boats are Coming

Tax Leach of the Day

Well, it’s budget season. And all the Departments and Agencies are coming to the Commissioners begging for MORE money. Yes I said MORE, not the same or less. Well at least most are. I expect it. What fool would come asking for less. If they are going to pass out FREE money why not ask.…

How Did They Do?


The past several years I started keeping the campaign material that I received from candidates. With the resignations of Council Members Gibbs and Richards (Tara), I thought it would be a good time to reflect on some of the campaign promises made. My guess is that their winning formula will be used by one of…

I Call Tails


Early voting has started for continuing the tax referendum we call SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax). That is with a T, by the way, not shh as in SPLOSH. I have listened to the pros and the cons, the supporters and the opposition. There are some subcategories of both, but first let’s talk…

Schools getting hit hard this year.

First time school board members must be asking themselves why they ran for school board. The State starts by telling them they may stop paying for insurance for all part time non-certified employees. Then the State tells them they may take away the E-SPLOST penny in fuel tax by converting it to an excise tax.