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One for Three is Good in Baseball

Chairman Richard Mecum

After Flowery Branch increased taxes, followed by the Hall County School Board increasing taxes, the Hall County Commission eked out a narrow 3-2 vote to hold the line. So with this victory, you would think that there would have been some decreased spending with this rollback…. If you think they spent less, you would be…

I Call Tails


Early voting has started for continuing the tax referendum we call SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax). That is with a T, by the way, not shh as in SPLOSH. I have listened to the pros and the cons, the supporters and the opposition. There are some subcategories of both, but first let’s talk…

Be Careful What You Ask For

Incumbent county commissioners did not seem to do so well this last November; but one survived the election. I do not understand why the citizens of West Hall County (from Oakwood in the South to Murrayville in the North) vote for a guy who does nothing for the area, but they did. Come January first…

A Tale of 2 Fire Stations

Hall County is in process of putting up 2 new fire stations. One will replace Fire Station 3 at the corner of Price and Short Rd. Hint, it is going to be located near the intersection of Ledan Rd and Will Wallace Rd. The other will be built near Mt Vernon and Shirley Rd.