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What Is the Value of Life?


What is the value of life? That was the question offered by the chairman when some of the commissioners refused to give a blank check to the judicial system for a new courthouse. I ask, what is the value of security if what we have isn’t followed?

Do You Get What You Pay For?


Last year I made a motion to not fund an additional Juvenile Court Judge. My rational was that our county population was ~180k and we already had 2 Juvenile Court Judges while Forsyth County (same size) only has 1; Gwinnett County with a population of over 800k only has 3. This was rooted in the…

Go Where the Truth Leads You

If you have read any of my blog, I think it is obvious that I was not a journalism or English major. In fact, for most of my political career, my relationship with the media would have been best described as contentious and untrustworthy. As a blog, I am not held to some of the…

Budget? We don’t need no stinking budget!


I believe the Commission Chairman has officially lost his mind. He now believes that TAX money grows on trees and budgets are for the birds and completely unnecessary. Is it his age or is it a symptom of him being a tax leach his whole life? Keep in mind he has been a government employee…

One for Three is Good in Baseball

Chairman Richard Mecum

After Flowery Branch increased taxes, followed by the Hall County School Board increasing taxes, the Hall County Commission eked out a narrow 3-2 vote to hold the line. So with this victory, you would think that there would have been some decreased spending with this rollback…. If you think they spent less, you would be…

Vickie Neikirk – FIRED


It is a fine line between resigning and being fired. Other than the fact that multiple sources have told me that Vickie Neikirk was actually fired there are clues. If someone shows up to work and blind sides their boss quitting with no notice they would surely not be paid a severance package. But if…

The Dragon Boats are Coming

Tax Leach of the Day

Well, it’s budget season. And all the Departments and Agencies are coming to the Commissioners begging for MORE money. Yes I said MORE, not the same or less. Well at least most are. I expect it. What fool would come asking for less. If they are going to pass out FREE money why not ask.…