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Courthouse Perks


I promised to follow the Truth no matter where it leads which makes this one of the hardest articles that I have written. I was alerted to this story in a completely different context, but here I am. I have talked to several friends about this piece, and while I am not held to the…

Happiest Guy in Gainesville


Yesterday afternoon Zach Thompson got great news. At the Gainesville City Council Meeting Tuesday afternoon, Bob Hamrick announced he was retiring and wouldn’t seek re-election. I am hoping the best for Bob Hamrick and his retirement. Enjoy the free time.

At-Large Voting


I’ve been asked my opinion on at-large voting. Personally it only makes sense if the jurisdiction is very small. Can you imagine if a councilman only represented a couple hundred people and was voted in by a voting populace of less than 50? But as population grows I really think at-large voting is a way…

New Year, New Beginning

Since losing my race for Georgia Public Service Commission last May, I have had 7 months to think about two things: what am I going to do next and what did I actually accomplish in 6 years of public service? So, when the opportunity came along to acquire this website, I felt like it would…

Pay Me, Pay Me Too

Candidates, you should know that I have put a Google alert on each of you so if a news story comes up, then I will know….  That being said, Google alerted me to a blog post that a candidate for Flowery Branch put up yesterday: Pay Raises for Everybody.

Do I Have to Vote?

So, I’ve been out of it the past couple of months; I thought that former Commissioner Ashley Bell was running for Mayor of Gainesville.  It turns out, that Ashley decided to sit this one out.  So where does that leave us?  Well, there was going to be some challenged positions for council, but two candidates…

I Will Raise you Twice

Ah yes, the annual increase in the price of water is upon us.  It appears that the City of Gainesville needs the money.  At least that must have been the recommendation after their retreat.  Luckily for most of us, we pay twice as much for water as a resident of Gainesville.  I would call it…

An inside view from the inside.

I’m going to break down what I see as the dysfunctional elements in the Hall County Government from elected officials to department heads. But I’m going to start with our illustrious Commission Chairman, Dick Mecum. Chairman Mecum, if you read this, do not worry, I’m not picking on you only. I will address everyone in…