Yesterday I talked about the forced annexations that Gainesville plans to perform.  If you want to know the property owners that are impacted, you can click here.   It turns out that there is a story within the story.  The tip line has paid off as we have been told about a couple of properties that are not in the land grab.

Property 1:

On Focus Area Map 1, you will notice a line of properties being annexed along Industrial Blvd.  What makes this interesting is the property that is not being annexed: 1205 Industrial Boulevard (below with red dot).  You would think that this acre track that is zoned industrial would fill in the holes nicely for Gainesville.  After all, they are forcing in 8 properties across the street from this address.  Considering the tax assessed value for this property is $324,709, the city is forgoing about $1,000 in property taxes and costing city schools about ~$2,500 per year in taxes.  You would probably understand if you know who the owner is… this property is owned by Lanny W. Dunagan; yes, that would be Mayor Danny Dunagan’s brother. 

1205 Industrial Boulevard

Property 2:

Also on Focus Area Map 1, you will notice some properties being annexed along Atlanta Highway near Brown’s Bridge Road and West End Ave.  In this case there are a couple of properties that are also overlooked, specifically 586 West End Avenue.  While this little property may not have the highest tax assessed value, $191,733, it also has an owner that is fairly politically connected.  GIS says that the owner is Stowe Holdings, LLC.  As it happens, this is the address for Home Electronics that appears to be owned by none other than the incoming commissioner for district four, Jeff Stowe.  This marks an interesting issue, yesterday we speculated on how he will vote; now that it appears that he is exempt from the land grab, will he vote to allow the city to annex other people?   

586 West End Avenue

It is hard to say that the City of Gainesville didn’t know who was being excluded in their land grab.  I would have to think that they were VERY aware. 

Thanks for the tip!    

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  1. GT183
    November 28, 2012 at 1:02 am

    The good ole boys are protecting thier own. Oh wait, I guess ther good ole girls are helping as well.

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