SOTL and Stonebridge Village Shopping Center Don’t Really…

In reading the “CITY OF FLOWERY BRANCH, GEORGIA COMPREHENSIVE PLAN 2016 TO 2035 Adopted June 16, 2016 – page 10” I noted the following paragraph.

CF-3. Police Substation East. This project was identified in prior comprehensive plans given the increasing development in Sterling on the Lake master planned community and nonresidential properties east of Interstate 985. It is noted however that the proposed new city hall will vastly increase the amount of space for the Police Department from their current facility and may make this project unnecessary.

So, let me get this straight, the areas in the City of Flowery Branch with the fastest residential growth, and that provide the city its most popular retail shopping are the very areas that are going to be shortchanged out of a police substation. Sterling on the Lake and Stonebridge Village Shopping Center are in the East side of Flowery Branch, and separated from the current Police Station, and the new City Hall by a railroad track.

Instead of building more monuments in “Old Town”, why not service the residents by having a substation on the east side of the city. I think a much better approach would be for the city to lease space for government services and allow the department leaders, the police chief in this case, make recommendations about their departments needs.  And Stonebridge Village has space available.

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