Selective Memory or Selective Recall?

First effort down, next one on deck

Well, the recall Lutz effort has hit its first snag.  Since pulling the initial application to recall, the committee evidently didn’t collect the signatures needed (100) in the time frame required (15 days).  I have heard that they will try again, but while we are between applications, let’s look at the motivations again.

We know that the recall effort is being led by Bobby Hulsey who, to my knowledge, is one of Tom Oliver’s Tax Assessor Board appointments.   It appears that the major hang up with Mr. Hulsey, who we might assume is doing the bidding of the Chairman, is that Commissioner’s Lutz, Gibbs, and Bell fired some of the good ole boys at the beginning of the year.   Evidently, “Someone who has worked hard and hasn’t done anything wrong shouldn’t be fired. They should be given some notice, and it should be done quietly and compassionately.”  We know that firing people isn’t “cause” for a recall, but Mr. Hulsey is pursuing the issue even though he doesn’t even live in Commissioner Lutz’s district.

The interesting thing is that Mr. Hulsey is not looking to recall Gibbs or Bell, just Lutz.  Is it because Lutz did not graduate from Gainesville High School?  Or is it because Lutz used to live in Gwinnett County?  Does it really matter?

So the dogs have the scent.  The lynch mob has been formed, so somebody’s gettin’ hanged.

Well, boys and girls, if you are looking for a recall candidate then we say look UP.   The Chairman seems to me to have a recall reasons list longer than the check the county writes to Stewart Melvin and Frost (what is the total so far, fella’s)  And that is loooooong.

So here we go, why would anyone ever even talk about recalling the Chairman?


· Michelle Smallwood- yes, there may not be enough there for an investigation, but there are questions: why do you approve a new contract and then fire the person?  Why all the after hours texts?

· City Center- yes, the Chairman was in business with another commissioner and the firm that represents the county.  Even better, two of the commissioners that were involved voted against a disclosure effort.  Talk about a conflict of interest!

· Omega Consulting- yes, the Chairman admitted to paying a consultant without the board’s approval.  It is true that the GBI didn’t find enough evidence to prove a crime occurred, even though the Chairman couldn’t show where any actual work was done for the $75,900, the GBI freely admits that “that neither Cox nor Oliver agreed to be interviewed by the GBI during the investigation.” (You’ve gotta love the 5th Amendment).

· Crystal Farms and the sewer line to…- the Chairman had a plan to have a bunch of property purchased by the county to create a county owned Medical Industrial park.  I guess the thought of a park was enough for the county to go ahead with a sewer line that is now mothballed.  Of course if you look at the map, you will see that this whole project is less than a half mile from the Chairman’s properties.  Nothing to see here.

· Unanswered question #1– The interesting question isn’t just if Commissioner Banks had anything to do with Commissioner Lutz separating from AT&T, but what did the Chairman know?  The tip line received an e-mail with a scanned document as an answer to question number 1

. I understand that this is one of several e-mails from Commissioner Banks to Paul Chambers, a Chamber of Commerce board director and AT&T employee. The distribution list is very interesting.  The e-mail is from Commissioner Banks to AT&T where he copies both the Chairman and the publisher to the Gainesville Times.  The subject is Craig Lutz and it went out after Commissioner Banks lost the election.  So, what part did the Chairman play and why would Commissioner Banks add him to the distribution list?  My guess, Commissioner Banks was put up to sending the e-mail.  To what extent this answers question #1 would seem to be between Commissioner Lutz, and the parties on the distribution list.

The Chairman appears to have a very lengthy case to face a recall, but to Mr. Hulsey’s credit, he is a company man and he is going to do the Chairman’s bidding.  Good luck, Mr. Hulsey.  If you do get your 100 signatures, then you will get a chance to add a bullet under Commissioner Lutz’s name.

Hugh Hall County Akston

The Truth

  4 comments for “Selective Memory or Selective Recall?

  1. gt183
    July 21, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    Whoa! There is a reason that no one uses their real name on Blogs. I guess if the chairman finds out, he will try to have you fired. Politics suck here in Hall.

  2. Dagny
    July 25, 2011 at 11:10 am

    Old Gainesville just can’t stand for anyone new to come in.

  3. Dominique Francon
    July 25, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    Things are a changing!

  4. Dagny
    July 27, 2011 at 2:54 pm

    I believe “loggerhead” who comments on the times is Bobby Hulsey. He signed a post that way when telling people about the recall.

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