Rise Up to Raise Up

What do our politicians do?

Over the past couple of days the Gainesville Times has reported that one of our city councils are considering a pay raise and that our officials attend a lot of meetings. I am guessing that the Gainesville Times had set out on a witch hunt, but found that our officials work hard to represent us.

You could base the quality of the official on their financial quality of life before and after. You can see that there are politicians that seem to do remarkably well (financially) in office and others that do not. I always get a kick out of the paupers in office because they are the ones that seem to attract the most animosity, while those that financially prosper are endeared.

In the case of Hall County, we have an interesting blend. You have two commissioners that were in business together with a partner in the firm representing the county and two other commissioners that have come into personal and business financial problems. While the two with personal issues are derided by the public, the two in business together seem to be the stars of the show. It seems to me that the two with personal issues are the ones trying to help the common person while the two in business together could be using their position to better themselves.

I am happy for the members of the Clermont council as they look to bring their pay up to $120 per month. Frankly, I just don’t see how the public can stand that elected officials make this kind of money (sarcasm).

Most of our local officials are in it for the right reasons. Maybe we should use the personal financial test to determine the quality of our representatives. I find it best to support those that think of me before they think of their own financial gain.

Hugh Hall County Akston

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