Recall Effort Gets Bitch Slapped – AGAIN

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Where’s Waldo

The recall Lutz effort has failed.  Now that it is over, the conspirators have scattered like roaches when the lights are turned on all because the piper needs to be paid.  This was doomed to fail from the beginning.  One of our loyal readers posted on the  Times something that I believe sums up the issue:

 “This recall has been enjoyable to read and the comments have been funny. You have a group on here saying that Lutz is the one doing the “harassment” and “bullying”, but the evidence doesn’t support that. On page 5 of Lutz’s motion, it was Michael Parker’s idea to withdraw the petition because he thought it would be “dirty and nasty”. Someone named Cliff McGlamry said, “we are going to need to start digging into every dark comer of the Lutz’s lives… We can make the entire process expensive and painful for them personally and he (Lutz) can either go through it all and then be thrown out, or he can resign. I don’t care which.”

The problem here isn’t that that Lutz lawyered up; the problem is that there was a group that wanted to use the process as harassment and they violated the trust of all the people who signed the petition. When someone comes to me and asks that I sign for a cause, I would hope that they would follow through with their actions.

If they decide in the future to make another attempt to recall Lutz or any other official, I hope they do it with the intention to follow though and not with the intent to “make the entire process expensive and painful” for the public official.

As far as the recall chairman goes, when Hulsey said he was behind you, I guess he was WAY behind you because he deleted your number. OUCH.

Lutz’s attorney makes the case that that Kevin Kanieski was nothing more than a patsy.  We could have told you that and saved you a couple of hundred on fees.  What we were wondering was if Hulsey and crew would bail out Kevin if he were arrested.  I guess we know the answer now, because Hulsey “deleted his (Kanieski ) number”.  I have to agree with George T, “OUCH”!

So where does the recall go from here?  They could reorganize and do it again.  They could just keep making threats.  Perhaps they will stay scattered as long as the lights are left on.

Hugh Hall County Akston

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