Park it Lutz!

Give it up already!

I get it. You don’t want a park at Cool Springs.

I also get the fact that you don’t want the park to cost anything; but, good grief, can you please give it a rest? You had a brief victory on January 6th when you managed to get the park delayed, but you have now lost battle… twice!

There are times when stubbornness pays off, but you have to calculate the cost of the battle. You are losing the battle when it comes to public opinion. This action could be best described as “Pickett’s Charge” at the battle of Gettysburg. You are wasting a ton of political capital, and I have to ask: for what?

Why is this like Pickett’s Charge? Well first of all, Pickett’s first campaign as a general occurred at the Battle of Gettysburg. You are a new commissioner; yes you have had some political experience, but this is a new level. There is something to be said about sitting back and surveying the field before you go crazy and charge the ranks. What can you learn from Pickett? It is said that his career was in decline after Gettysburg. While the charge may not have been his idea, the loss of political capital seemed to follow him throughout the remainder of his career. Don’t make the same mistake.

I get that you made a campaign promise. You made a bunch of promises. This one just isn’t worth dying for. As you go through this week of budget talks, let someone else try to explain how the park will be paid for. It is time to just let this one go. Sometimes it is better to retreat and prepare to fight another day.

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