I Recall Talk of a Recall

Recall them All I have been reading with great amusement the evil Times and the comments demanding the recall of the “gang of 3”. For those that don’t know or remember, there was a successful recall of the entire commission board back in 1979. Times have changed, however, and it is not easy to do…

Order in the Court!!!

The Gainesville Times reports that 7 firms have applied for the Hall County Attorney position. There is nothing mind boggling about that, considering the reported $400,000 plus dollars the last county attorney billed the fine people of Hall County LAST YEAR. I don’t think any attorney would pass up THAT cash cow.

Gang of Three?

I keep hearing about how the gang of 3 seems to be running everything. I also keep hearing about how the dissension on the commission is causing business to be driven away from the county. It is time for some Hall County TRUTH!