Taxation with Shady Representaion

Three weeks until the next meeting…. What is there to do? It looks like we will have a few weeks before we get to enjoy our next “Point of Order” from the commission. So with this time, we should consider the state of the budget and what the next year will look like.

To Rule on a Rule

Rules? We don’t need no stinking rules! I caught the article on AccessNorthGa concerning the commission meeting last night. The 3 issues that they reported about ended in split votes with a 2-2 vote (meeting minutes) and two 3-1 votes. It was the vote to suspend the rules that caught my eye.

A Contradiction in Contradictions?

The Times have their wires crossed The editorial in Sunday’s Times shows how disconnected I believe this paper has become with the majority of the citizens in Hall County. They begin by pointing out that Commissioner Lutz has been fighting against a park that he campaigned against and they feel that it is grandstanding. They…

And That’s All I Gotta Say About Tha’at

We are going to go a bit out into left field for this one. This is a not an article about the politics of Hall County Georgia, It is not even about the biased reporting from the Gainesville Times. I need to take a moment and address some of the morons that are posting comments…

The Times, They are a-Changin’

“I get perturbed at The Times because they are almost campaigning, (and) I know why, but we won’t get in to that.” My favorite part is that This fine Hall County citizen pours his heart out on an issue that he is quite obviously passionate about and after all is said and done…The council ANSWERS!

Commotion in Motions

When is a Motion not a Motion As a person who likes to dig into laws and rules, I was very curious when I saw the headline on Oliver: ‘I’m not accepting this motion’.  Browsing through the Hall County code, I see 2.10.010 that says; “Robert’s Rules of Order are implemented as the official…

Assess the Assessor?

Showdown at the O.K. Coral I was reading in the Times about a potential crisis between the Hall County Commission and the Tax Assessors board in Hall County.  Here is the situation, the former Commissioner, Banks, pulled a John Adams and made a midnight appointment to the Tax Assessors board in order to prevent the…