Order in the Court!!!

The Gainesville Times reports that 7 firms have applied for the Hall County Attorney position. There is nothing mind boggling about that, considering the reported $400,000 plus dollars the last county attorney billed the fine people of Hall County LAST YEAR. I don’t think any attorney would pass up THAT cash cow.

What is mind blowing is that the same firm that our recently removed county attorney was from is REAPPLYING!    Are you kidding?

I want to do some math. In the January Commission meeting the it was stated that the current county attorney billed at $150 per hour. It was also brought to light that that Bill Blalock with Stewart Melvin and Frost billed over $400,000 last year. That is four hundred thousand dollars. There are 52 weeks in a year. That translates to $7692.30 per week.

Wait… $150 an hour right? Ok, so that means Bill BILLED 51.2 hours a WEEK!  That is a lot of bills being billed, Bill.

What a workaholic!

Do you know any attorneys? 51 hours a week? Come on. If Hall County was Blalock’s ONLY client, I still can’t see 51 hours a week. Did Blalock have ANY other clients the entire year? I wonder how many hours he billed other clients.

Ok, people, I am not the only one who smells this. I am shocked someone has not already looked into this from a Bar stand point.
Or have they?

Now they are reapplying. Well, no kidding. What percentage of that firms income just got taken away in the January Commission meeting?

$400,000. $150 an hour. The math does not lie.

Now let’s add in the conflict of interest. According to The Gainesville Times Two of your Hall County Commissioners have been in business with one or more of the fine folks at Stewart Melvin and Frost. The word on the street is that Chairman Oliver and Mr. Tread Syfan are the best of friends. Is that the case Tom? Are you and Tread buds?

The Gainesville Times also reported the new county attorney is costing more. Really? One would expect, with all the changes and new contracts and termination agreements that there would be a bit more legal work to be done, but did they really charge more?

According to the times, Holland and Knight billed $34,680 to Hall County for January. Seems a bit high, but is it? The Times also reported that The bill though January was $349,173 beginning July 1, 2010. Seven Months of legal work. Minus off the $34,680 from Holland and Knight along with the month for that amount. That leaves $314,493 for the months July through December, 2010. My calculator (that has been calibrated and tested to be 100% accurate) says that the monthly average from or previous county attorney was $52,415.50.

Again… Who billed more?

Even if the number was the equal between the two firms, (it’s not) It is reported that Holland and Knight billed at a rate at least double of that Stewart, Melvin and Frost’s associate Blalock billed. Double.

Are they saying that Holland and Knight did the work in half the time of Stewart Melvin and Frost? That’s how it looks. If the two billed the exact same amount in a given month and one firm cost double per hour, then the cheaper firm must have worked twice as long to be able to submit that equal bill. Or did they?

But wait, there’s more… The Gainesville Time also reported that blalock was billing our fine Sheriff at the same time. Is that included or was that yet MORE hours he worked? 51.2 hours for the county and an untold number for the Sheriff.
Anybody know how many hours he worked per week for the Sheriff, or billed the Sheriff, I should say rather?

Where does he find the time?

In my opinion, the worst part of this entire fiasco? I have it from a reliable source that Stewart Melvin and Frost have already been informed that they will regain the Hall County Attorney contract. supposedly, the deal has already been made. So why are we putting together a committee? Don’t waste our taxpayer time. If the back door deal has been made to appoint the firm that was just FIRED, back to the position, don’t form a committee to make it look like due diligence. It’s not.

You read it here first. Stewart Melvin and Frost will be our overcharging county attorney again.

Being the bond attorney for Hall County – $ few hundred thousand taxpayer bucks
Being the Hall County Sheriff attorney – $ tens of thousands more taxpayer bucks.

Being the Hall County attorney – $ 400 thousand plus taxpayer bucks.

Getting to screw Hall County Taxpayers for another year AFTER being fired –


That flag is real red and is up and flying.

While everyone is dropping the bomb comments over at the Gainesville Times website, the Truth is somewhere else.

The Truth.

*source: gainesvilletimes.com

  2 comments for “Order in the Court!!!

  1. George T
    March 13, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    It is refreshing to see someone looking at the big picture. Keep it up Truth!

  2. Hugh Akston
    March 14, 2011 at 10:11 am

    Way to go Truth! I love how the commission insists on a local attorney to replace the Atlanta firm. I don’t think you can throw a rock in this county without hitting someone that isn’t related to a current commissioner. I was surprised to see Stewart, Melvin and Frost on the list as well. The fact that they would apply for a job that there were fired from makes me think that they must have some sort of inside track.

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