Not in My House

Hugh wrote some interesting things about the upcoming special election for the vacant House seat.  I however have a varying opinion, or at least a more “straight talk” approach.

First let’s talk about the Sonny Sykes campaign.  What is it he is running for again?  i have seen his signs all around South Hall  with the most ironic campaign slogan I have ever had the pleasure of reading.   “Decisive Leadership”   It is so damn decisive that it doesn’t tell you what he is running for???  Slow down, read the sign, and tell me what a Hall County drivers is to get from that sign.  Decisive?   I think not.

I have to believe that he had left over signs from the campaign for judge not to long ago.    It seems he gave them a run for their money in the judge race.  Kudos to the Sykes camp.   I am just wondering how you go from that to this.  If he doesn’t get this seat then you may  want to reconsider your Hall County Sheriff decisions.  He may run for that too.  Is this a “throw my mane in the hat” campaign?

According to the times, the race for Chief Judge was close – “Wynne collected 25,920 votes to Sykes’ 21,909”   That is a 4011 votes.  Close race.  I read that he went for the Flowery Branch Judge position after that  and only lost that one by 4 votes!!!

Decisive Leadership??    The image below was found on Mr. Sykes Facebook page under favorite team.  WTF?

sonny sykes for state house

We are in College Football country right?  Pick a winner Sonny.  Hell pick them all, someone has got to win.  Seems like your political career runs under the same concept.  Run for everything, you gotta win something.


Bobby “I’m Done With Politics” Banks is in the HUNT.  Bobby, bobby, bobby.  Did you run because of the rumor about Lutz running?  You should have know better.  With his list of haters, you figured between you and him you would be the hands down favorite?  If he had run, you couldn’t have used your secret weapon.  I don’t think Commissioner Lutz has a private job, so getting him fired would have been impossible.  On that topic, I am wondering sir if you would share with The Truth, your views on unemployment in Georgia.  This is an ongoing problem in Hall County  as well as the rest of Georgia, what would you do to try to get Georgians back to work?  We know you know how to GET  Georgians  UNEMPLOYED.   Just ask you last opponent.  We have seen the emails during your last campaign for Hall County Commissioner where you put forth a modest effort to get Commissioner Lutz fired from AT&T.  Lutz did lose that job, but how did that work out for you in the Commissioner election?  Not so good?  Well how did that work out for you in regards to the Republican Party?  Not so much there either huh?    I even heard rumor about emails to Waste Management in an attempt to get councilman Fetterman fired for being a big time  Lutz supporter.  Is that rumor true?  I will try to find out.  If I get those emails, then we may have a pattern on our hands.    The way I see it, this is mafia style campaigning.   I hope the 6 Banks opponents are secure in there career positions.  Stand strong on “Unemployment in Georgia” as a campaign issue Mr. Banks,  That would carry more irony than Sykes being DECISIVE.

I don’t believe the voters of Hall County wanted you in a local seat, let alone a House seat.  The good ole boy network is trying to extend it’s reach.  Besides, how is Oliver going to control you like a puppet if you are all the way over in the House?  Remote control? Are you still delivering eggs for him, by the way? No?   You will probably get it all back when you can provide help from the House seat.


Kris Yardley?  The only sitting politician to run for this political position. ” Going the extra Yard for Hall County”  Really?  Little cheesy don’t you think?  Maybe  “Big change from a Big guy”    How about “tackling issues”  Really?  However, if I were an issue and saw this big fella coming, to tackle me, I would assume the fetal position.   Flowery Branch Councilman huh?  I get the “nothing to lose”  campaigning of the other guys, but you gave up a seat to go for this one.  This gets me thinking “this guy is serious”.  But is he?   We will see during the upcoming debate at the (lets call it what it is)  Sterling Library.  The Truth will be there.

There is the running rumor that Mr. Yardley is a big Jon P. Strickland supporter.  We have quite a few reports of you and Jon P. talking at different events all over town.  Backing a Sheriff candidate already Mr. Yardley?  Not just a candidate, but the one candidate that they say can dethrone Cronic Jr., Jeff Strickland.   Don’t know how that will play out, but we can’t wait.  You may get yourself some HCSO votes for supporting Jon P.



As far as the other 3?

Paul Wayne Godfrey

Dominic Ottaviano

Todd W. Reed

There is no political experience.  Godfrey calls himself a “simple old soldier”  and although we do respect the hell out of that, and thank you for your service to this country, what are your qualifications?   The same goes for the other two.  As a vote in Hall County, I want to know what you bring to the table.   An unfinished web page lumped onto your business site tells me that not a lot of effort is being put into this.  A domain costs about 10 bucks, and “coming soon”  sections on a campaign page for an election that is 20 some days away, is a clearly dropped ball.  You have to show the voters the effort you plan to put forth for us, from the word GO.

As far as Redd goes, I can’t find didley about him. ” A business man in Oakwood Georgia”   Oh, well then hell, he’s got MY vote.????  HUH?  He could get the Oakwood Vote?  Really?  Hugh is out of his mind.  QUALIFIED?   Hello?

Boys and Girls, go vote.  Please.   Don’t let this one slip away to someone we don’t want or need.  Vote.  Get off you bum and go check a box.


The Truth


  8 comments for “Not in My House

  1. Off Sides
    October 17, 2011 at 8:53 pm

    Truth, you made me laugh up snot bubbles on this one. You’ve got to love a politician who is so concerned about votes that he loves everyone. It looks like he is decisively indecisive.

  2. Dainty Lady
    October 18, 2011 at 10:12 am

    Truth, you should run.

    • The Truth
      October 18, 2011 at 12:12 pm

      Considered it. But if I become a politician, who will tell the truth? Not the Gainesville Times.

  3. Dainty Lady
    October 18, 2011 at 10:12 am

    Truth, you should run.

  4. GT183
    October 18, 2011 at 10:53 am

    What, no love for Georgia Tech? Sonny, you just lost my vote.

    • The Truth
      October 18, 2011 at 12:11 pm

      I mean really! Talk about decisive!

  5. GoBigRed
    October 26, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! C’mon guys! Get with the program. Sonny Sykes is home grown and went to Gainesville High. Duh, He lives in Georgia so ofcourse is a fan, graduated from Clemson, and his daughter (who is a good friend of both my daughters) is an Alabama student. THINK! LOL!!! Great man, and from what I hear the Sykes are all very popular is the South Hall area. You guys may be VERY surprised!

    • The Truth
      November 16, 2011 at 5:26 pm

      Wasn’t surprised….

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