No Respect

I would imagine that the Town of Braselton must be feeling a little like Rodney Dangerfield; they just can’t get any respect.

First, the County goes and names a road within their jurisdiction, now it appears the state has done so as well.  In what has to be an embarrassing oversight for our legal organ, the paper published a feel good piece Saturday a week ago on a portion of the bill renaming an intersection in Gainesville (part VII), but failed to see Friendship Road being renamed 25 lines down (Part IX).

Unlike Commissioner Lutz and Chairman Mecum ducking for cover on their vote by voting against the name change, the state almost unanimously voted to change the name to Lake Lanier Islands Parkway.  The one exception was Representative Timothy Barr who, doing his best John Kerry impersonation, was against it before he was for it.

With all the angst about the name change, it looks to have been a very peaceful process down at the capitol.    The county, however, can’t shift the blame to the state as it looks like the state used the commission’s public hearings as part of their grounds to make the name change:

“WHEREAS, three public hearings were held in the community to inform property owners along the new realignment project of the name proposal.” (Line 169)

In the end, it looks like the Town of Braselton will have to add the State as a defendant in their lawsuit.

Riled Up!

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  1. GT183
    April 2, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    To me it seems like there is always political finger pointing at every level. The people in Atlanta blame the people in D.C. The people in the counties and cities blame the people in Atlanta and D.C. I think that the process to change the name of the road only goes to show that they are all in cahoots.

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