New Endangered Species

It looks like the Red Rabbit just got put onto the endangered species list.

After watching the video of the meeting, I can see why the Red Rabbit is in danger, but as with most things, there is some history behind every vote; that is why the “Blindsided” comment by Mayor Dunagan seems so strange.

At the 29:51 mark in the video, Commissioner Lutz said, “that the timing of this coming up is not the commission’s fault”.  It looks like the warning was sounded back on June 28, 2012 the last time we almost lost the Red Rabbit.  The minutes (item 10b) make for an interesting read, but the video (starting at 38:50) starts to reveal the issue in detail.  In the case of the 6/28/12 vote, the grant application was due the week of the vote and it could not be delayed.  In the recent case, in the work session minutes said:

“Commissioner Lutz inquired on the due date for the application.

Director Moss advised that the due date has passed but that she had received an extension for submission as she did not receive the paperwork in a timely fashion.”

It appears that the standard operating procedure as it pertains to the Red Rabbit is for the City to blindside the County on these votes.  In the second on the 6/28/2012 motion, Commissioner Gibbs said that he was voting for it because the busses could be reassigned to another entity and Commissioner Lutz adamantly said that he would never vote for something without his grant writer providing a summary (something that did not happen this past meeting).  If Mayor Dunagan was “Blindsided”, then his head must have been in the sand.

If the county loses the Rabbit, I believe the only people to blame are the city employees and their poor political tactics.

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