Lutz may Resign?

More rumor than news, the Truth has gotten some interesting phone calls and emails today.  One of which would cure the ills of a group of go getters that have had their little “go getter” motors focused on the Hall county Commissioner, Craig Lutz.  With recall effort after recall effort, they seem to have no luck in knocking the Commissioner.  As it seems, some of them may even end up in JAIL over the rally to knock Lutz off his elected pedestal.  Talk about falling on your sword…

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.  Isn’t that the truth. (no pun intended)

So our fine Governor has decided that  South Hall state Rep. James Mills was the go to man on the Pardons and Paroles   Board for the State of Georgia.  Thus leaving  his seat vacant.

I know, you are thinking, “that’s not news, the Sheriffs paper already reported that!”, and indeed, you are correct.  Let me tie this together for you.

The calls and emails I eluded to in above were to inform me that Hall County may not have to worry about the adventures of Commissioner Lutz any longer, as he would have to resign to get that vacant seat in the Georgia General Assembly as the District 25 seat – South Hall Rep.

So it would seem that the good news to Hall County voters who want Lutz out would bitter sweet.  He would be out of your county business, but he would become your State Rep in South Hall.

So I guess his haters have a choice to make:  Get behind the guy you hate to get him gone, while accepting that he would be your State Rep…   OR  suck it up for a few years, with your only recourse being mean comments on the Times articles that so often seem to involve Lutz.

(on a side not, How is Lutz wife talking to a neighbor news and the Sheriff’s office having a major FAIL over and dropping the ball on a girl who in all likelihood was RAPED????)  Just asking.

So what’s it going to be people?  Stand behind him as a Rep to get rid of him as a Commissioner or Vote for ANYBODY but Lutz for that seat and hang out with him here for a few years long and HOPE he doesn’t get reelected to the Commission.  Let’s not pretend that couldn’t happen either.   Just ask the soon to be convicts from “Recall Lutz 3, The Rude Awakening”  (opens in theaters when Woodard and Darragh and actually do their jobs and prosecute a clear violation of law. Don’t hold your breath.)

We should do a mock poll on this site. Lutz here vs. Lutz there.   We will look into that.

Mills seat becoming vacant may bring many potential candidates out of the woodwork.  I have heard some crazy rumors as to who may throw their name into the hat.  The funniest was an ex Commissioner.  I will drop him an hint  (It’s the same voters pal,  want to go 0 for 2?)

However, there seems to be realistic candidate possibility in Flowery Branch City Councilman Kris Yardly.   The word I get is that he would be an excellent fit for the seat.  We will reserve opinion.   With a financial background, he may just be the guy.  Considering that the vast majority of our problems are money related,  a money guy could be just what the doctor ordered.


Either way, with two seated politicians with there name in the hat, Mr. Random Applicant is going to be low on the list, especially with such a short time to hype their name.  We all know Craig Lutz name, the Gainesville Times has made damn sure of that.  I give the popular vote to him with Yardley pulling in some Flowery Branch action maybe some Gainesville votes.  The rest will get the amount of votes that they have in  friends.


We shall see.  The swing could be the Committee to hate Craig Lutz members.



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  2 comments for “Lutz may Resign?

  1. gt183
    September 22, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    It sure didn’t take long for the rumors to start.

    The big issue here is that it will be a non partisan race. That means that Commissioner Banks could run since he is without a party. It also means the best chance a Dem would have to win. I wonder if we will have a couple of D’s jump in.

    • The Truth
      September 22, 2011 at 8:28 pm

      The Truth will find a way. We get a lot of tips emailed to the site. Love seeing Hall County participate.

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