Lutz fan club sighted in Gainesville

The news from last night seems to be focused on sewer; how boring.  The untold story from last night is that a quorum of the Commissioner Lutz fan club, a.k.a. the Flowery Branch City Council, assembled at the County Commission Work Session tonight with their City Manager and Attorney in tow.  My source with the county informed me that the group came out because they thought that Commissioner Lutz was going to go off on the use of county tax dollars to purchase property for a new city hall.   

The quorum consisted of the Mayor, Mike Miller, and three council members: Tara Richards, Fred Richards, and Mary Jones.  Hugh Akson, former and I hope returning contributor to the Truth, reported that there has been a rift going on between the City Council and Commissioner from South Hall for some time, especially between the Mayor and Councilmember Tara Richards against Lutz.  Apparently, the new/old councilmember, Jones, who was a signer of the original Lutz fan club petition, a.k.a. Recall, has made the relationship even chillier.  What might be new news is that Councilmember Fred Richards may have joined the fan club; if anyone has any more info on this relationship, please send us a tip.

The TAD, however, did not come up.  I was told that the TAD was not on the agenda (the work session agendas don’t appear to be posted online), but evidently the City Council thought that it might come up in Commission time when the individual commissioners bring new business to the board.  I guess the question was what did the Council think they could do if it was brought up?  My source said that they did not speak during public comments, so maybe they were there to do a protest if the TAD were mentioned. 

They may have been there to lobby the other commissioners on how spending county tax dollars on tax exempt property will help the tax digest.  What was evident to my source, they didn’t spend any time trying to get to Lutz; my source reports that Lutz was the first commissioner to exit the meeting room.  So, it looks like this Thursday will be the next opportunity for the Lutz fan club to assemble to see if Lutz pounces on the TAD. 

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