I Will Raise you Twice

Ah yes, the annual increase in the price of water is upon us.  It appears that the City of Gainesville needs the money.  At least that must have been the recommendation after their retreat.  Luckily for most of us, we pay twice as much for water as a resident of Gainesville.  I would call it death by 1,000 cuts: last year they raised the price per ccf (for low users) by .07 in the city and .14 for the county.  This year they are asking for another $.09 per ccf for the city and $.18 for the county.  If you are the average county user, like me, using about 7ccfs per month, you have been hit with an increase of about $25 per year over the last couple of years.

You just can’t win for losing with Gainesville: first they lose money when we conserve water; then they just can’t do with what they have when the restrictions are lifted.

At some point we need to start calling a spade a spade and just say that this is: a tax hike.  As you can see (pp. 202/E-39) Gainesville is subsidizing their General fund with $3,642,630 dollars from their water profits.  So every dollar they raise on themselves, they create a dollar tax that they can use for their bridge to nowhere or some other crazy project.

I would like some ideas on what we can do.  Normally, I would say to vote the bums out, but since I can’t vote for them and Gainesville residents are probably pretty happy having the county residents subsidizing their backdoor trash service, I would guess that they are pretty safe.  Any ideas, please comment.

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