How long till Gainesville fires new school superintendent?

imageI had an opportunity to hear Superintendent Wanda Creel speak the other day. She came to speak about the new 9th grade academy. I don’t think a single person came to hear about the academy. After the presentation she got to question and answer. Finally after a few polite questions a friend of mine says, “I want to ask about the elephant in the room.” Sometimes puns are perfect. So we finally got to the subject of Wayne Vickery and the topic of the system athletic director.

I find this new position of director of athletics and student activities very interesting. Not sure if I’m the only one who picked up on it but she explained how she went to college on a softball and music scholarship. She also said we were not likely to find many people who went to school that way. Is she trying to create a position that mirrors what she thinks is unique about herself? She also emphasized that the position would be more sport oriented than arts activities. I’m told this is a huge reversal from earlier statements.

She finally spoke of Vickery directly. Almost immediately her eyes teared up and her voice began to crack. Was that all a show? She has a reputation of firing lots of people. If you don’t believe me google “Wanda Creel Barrow Schools.” I was told by a sources that many more firings or retirements are coming soon. One source even said it was seven people who would eventually be gone. That is a very specific statement. I was unable to pry any more details. Dr Creel went on to say she was not allowed to say to much on the topic of Vickery but that he means a lot to the school system and to her. Why is she not allowed? In government that usually means a law suit is coming. She then clarified she was very busy interviewing potential principals for the high school so she had to leave early.

So im thinking 1 of 2 ways right now. First, either Dr Creel was brought in specifically to clean house. Or, how long till she is fired? The Gainesville residents seem to love their sports more than average in my opinion. They also seem to love Vickery. I also don’t think this tension would go away for a long time. So will the school board absorb the heat? Time will tell us.

City of Gainesville voters are a strange lot. I’m interested to see how they react to all of this. The city school board is even stranger. I’m hearing that a special school board meeting is scheduled to inform the residents more on this situation. Im curious how that meeting will go, maybe I’ll attend. Speaking of voters and school board, does anyone else find it strange that one of the school board members won’t even send his kids to city schools? Did you voters even know that? I plan to expand on that topic later.

For now Dr Wanda Creel is the ruling monarch of the school system. If she has an off with their head approach for long then I wonder how long till she deposed. God save the queen, long live the queen.

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