Half truth is too much to ask for

This has to be filed in the “if I read it in the paper, it must be true” folder.  While trying to unwind and catch my breath from the Falcon’s game this past Sunday, I decided to catch up on some news from the area.  While reading the local rag, I was reminded about why the Truth got their start:

“The Truth is a blog about the true happenings in Hall County Georgia.

 Expect the whole story on the political issues of this county, unlike the news paper and their websites that seem to be biased.

 Half stories and one sided articles provide an injustice to the voters of Hall County. This site is dedicated to the whole truth.”

The disturbing thing that I read from the Times wasn’t the fact that what was written was a half truth, it is that what was written was a total fabrication:

“Politicians often promise to bring business skills to the elective offices they seek. (Tom) Oliver did exactly that, and his business acumen helped the county government to maneuver through one of the most difficult economic periods of our time. As a result, incoming commissioners will find a budget surplus of some $5 million, a contrast from the deficit of $11 million that existed just a couple of years ago.”

Does the Editorial Board for the Times live in the same county that I live in?  Do they read their own news stories?  The fact is Chairman Oliver got to this point kicking and screaming.  Hey, he even proposed a TAX INCREASE, forget about the fact that he voted against the budget.  However, the Editorial Board for the Times is well aware that Chairman Oliver proposed a tax increase as they attached the other commissioners for tying to put a budget together despite the Chairman’s desire to increase taxes.

It is very comforting to know that the Times haven’t learned from the past, they would rather keep repeating their errors in the hopes that people will believe it.  Remember, these are the people that report the news, shouldn’t we expect that at minimum, they report the half truth?

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