Gloves May Come Off in the Sheriff Race

New Sheriff in Town

This past weekend, Jon P. Strickland made his public announcement that he was running for Sheriff.  That brings the number to two and it appears to be a battle of the Stricklands: Jeff vs. Jon. In the battle of the websites, it looks like Jeff is off to the better start.

I have been told that this race will probably be the nastiest.  We shared with you how the tip line started to blow up when certain rules were changed.  Now we have a new tipster….

Our new tipster stated in an e-mail; “There is fire to be found around the smoke of recently announced candidate for Sheriff, Jeff Strickland.  I know for fact some county employees got his announcement/solicitation for contributions at their home addresses, without subscription to any mailing list.  The theory (which is at least plausible) is that he used his access to the County finance/HR databases to gather this information.  Further, it has been reported from several trusted sources that Strickland has instructed (Sheriff’s Office) employees to access Facebook to determine which employees are “friends” of his primary opponent, using County time and County computers.  Less trusted sources have indicated that (the administration) has “given up trying to control (him)” because the SO is its own entity within (but for all intents and purposes outside) the general rules and regulations of County employees.  The impression I (anonymous tipster) got was that if this was brought up as a violation of ethics or official rules, the Sheriff would see them changed to suit their purposes – much as the rule about employees having to take a leave of absence if they announced their candidacy for an elected office in Hall County.”

I know that all records, including IP addresses and computer records, are open.  I would have thought that there would have been a firewall preventing county employees from accessing social media sites, but perhaps the Sheriff’s Office would need a variance because of stalking and such.

My sources say that we can expect a lot of open records which will include E-911 calls and cover-ups.  This one may be my favorite race….

Hugh Hall County Akston

  3 comments for “Gloves May Come Off in the Sheriff Race

  1. George T
    May 9, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    Just think, we only have 13 months of dirt before the primary next July.

  2. DixiesFinest
    September 23, 2011 at 8:57 am

    It would be so nice if the citizens of Hall County could talk with past S.O. Employees and others who have retired (a few I know personally, who barely made it to retirement because they were trying so hard to get rid of the ones that wasn’t a part of their group). I hope the truth comes out about Jeff Strickland, because when it does (and I am pretty sure it will)he should man up and drop out of this race, and then there needs to be a good cleaning out of the rest of the crooked S.O.B.’s that remain. Steve Cronic is the poorest excuse for a Sherriff that I have ever seen. He has always hidden from his responsibilities, letting his cronies do his dirty work, and they get by with the way they do it.

    BTW, don’t believe any statistics you read about or see regarding the crime in Hall County. I have heard from a very reliable source about reports being changed and other unethical things that happens all the time to make the department (meaning Steve Cronic) look good. It is just an outrage the way some of the officers have been treated up there. Ask some of the officers that have retired about their experience working for these clowns. A few I know personally and were veteran law enforcement officers,they were done so horrible. It was so sad to see how one person’s career and job could take such a toll on his family. These guys were cheated out of a large portion of their retirement and nothing was ever done. It’s funny also how they can re-write their policy to fit whatever they need at the moment. These people will act like they have your back while the entire time they have a knife going right through it. They use intimidation and manipulation on their employees on a daily basis. Most people, especially the ones who have invested many years with this department can’t afford to lose their job, they have a family to feed and take care of, so they either have to become corrupt like Steve Cronic,Jeff Strickland, Terry Connr (just to name a few)or go through pure hell and live in fear of losing their lively-hood because they are not a part of their little group. Look at what happened to Dale Long, he was in the right and had a policy in place to back him up yet he still lost his job. I hope he bankrupts the Sherriff’s Department in court.

    This website is a great thing for the people of Hall County as well as the ones who work for the county. I know I am grateful that I am able to post my opinions on here and read the opinions of others out there. I would just like to close my post by saying this:

    There are good men and women that work for that department and have retired or been fired from there that are wonderful and honest law enforcement. They have put their lives on the line many times and worked their asses off just to be kicked in the gut for standing up for what they believe in. I appreciate these men and women and are so thankful for them. Yet there are those who are corrupt and crooked and yes I am talking about the Sherriff himself and all of his cronies like the ones I have already mentioned by name. In my opinion these people are simply no more than criminals themselves, they lie, they cheat, and do not know the meaning of being honest. I don’t want to have to depend on those people to protect me or my family. They have done an injustice for our county and should be held accountable for their actions. Thank you and have a blessed day!


  3. Jody
    July 31, 2012 at 4:18 pm

    There Corrupt and crooked , lazy ,, there’s so much abbuse goes on in there’s from the jailer ,, and they all know about it !!! Inmates with life threatening medical problems , not being treated , and beat , then they charge them and nobody does anything about it ,, I would like to know the number who have died for that reason ,, &just sweep under the rug!! It would be a lot !! The DR is a joke. And he gets paid good money for nothing !! I know it’s jail not a hotel but these people are humans . What if it was your son, dad, or brother? ! Medical staff holdind Meds ,, that have been bought by the inmates family ,that’s just wrong!!!!

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