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School is back in session.  Over Christmas break I received a few e-mails from the radicals and Tea Parties concerning Common Core standards that we have started to implement here in Hall County.  For those who need to catch up, here is a balanced article from the Wall Street Journal.

I see a couple of distinct advantages with the major advantage being transfer students.  In a mobile society like ours, we are seeing more and more transfer students, not only from other counties, but from other states.  Until recently, you could have a student come in from a neighboring county and find that they haven’t been taught some of the principles needed for the math that we were on.  This put the student at a disadvantage and put him behind his/her peers.  With Common Core, we can be fairly certain that new students will have the same basics that the current students have.

However, I do see some of the issues from the Tea Party crowd, specifically the Constitutional issue; where in the U.S. Constitution is the federal government given the right to dictate what is taught in Hall County schools?  For a look at the Tea Party position, here is a YouTube video.

If I had to pick a side, I would say that Common Core is something that needs to be reviewed with a great deal of skepticism.  If given a choice, I would prefer that school decisions needs to be handled locally or at the least by the State.

I wonder if the bullet has left the gun (probably a bad expression considering Sandy Hook) and now we are stuck with this going forward.  While at times I think that some people complain for the sake of complaining, I think that the Tea Party folks may be onto something.

Schools Out

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