Gang of Three?

I keep hearing about how the gang of 3 seems to be running everything. I also keep hearing about how the dissension on the commission is causing business to be driven away from the county. It is time for some Hall County TRUTH!

I have analyzed all the votes the commission has made since the beginning of the year through the end of February. So far, the commission has conducted 4 meetings. While the beginning was off to a bang, for the most part, the commission has been fairly harmonious. The commission has done a lot of work since the beginning of the year. In total, they have voted on 94 items.

I have done an informal poll by asking some of my friends (all 3 of them) how many times have the commission voted unanimously? Most people think that the commission is split over half of the time. In fact, I had 1 person tell me that they didn’t think they ever voted together. Well here are the numbers:

Unanimous votes: 75 (80%)

4-1 Votes: 6 (6%)

3-2 Votes: 13 (14%)

On the 4-1 votes, Commissioner Powell was the sole dissenting voice on 2/3rds of the vote with Commissioners Lutz and Gibbs being the odd one out on 1 vote each. On the 3-2 votes, all but two of the votes passed.

While the Times doesn’t want to report it, the fact is, this commission is more harmonious than people think. But since when has harmony sold papers?

Why don’t we encourage the cooperation and debate? If they all agreed on everything, then 4 of them are unnecessary. We could just have a sole commissioner. Wait, the chairman may actually want that.

Hugh Hall County Akston

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  1. George T
    March 13, 2011 at 8:51 pm

    And I thought it was total chaos up in Gainesville.

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