Friendship Road Refuses to Die

imageThe battle for what SR 347 will be named continues. It amazes me that this issue lingers on. I feel really bad that Commissioner Cooper is stuck in the middle of this issue.

The PR war at today’s Commission planning meeting was led off by Phylis Mercer (not sure of name spelling) which in my opinion cheapens the good people of this areas fight. A woman who has no business expense or heritage from the area and complaining just to hear herself speak and see her name in the paper is laughable. The road section in front of her neighborhood that she wants named Friendship Road is new and never existed previously. She may want to also know that the main entity going on the new road section (I’m referring to the new hospital) was in favor of the road being named Lake Lanier Islands Pkwy. Maybe she will attend the grand opening on Thursday and complain to them. Only problem is that when she speaks it only shows her lack of knowledge on the issue.

I feel bad for the businesses. Bill Frazier with Fraziers Harley-Davidson has the strongest argument in my humble opinion. I understand the business and marketing expense to a road name change. I’ve had this issue hit me personally on a different road with a name change. Many other businesses in the area could argue the same point. BUT the Governor made a special situation for all those whose address was Friendship Rd. Their mailing address never has to change. Technically the road carries both names. They can continue using their business cards, letter head, envelopes, etc… the mail will continue to be delivered. This will save all the businesses a significant amount of money.

You ask, but what about Heritage? A few members of the Pucket Family spoke today. I imagine change would be difficult for them. I find it funny that one of the ladies who spoke wasn’t from the affected area but married into the family. She emphasized her husband was from there. Where he was I have no idea. Also she said she lived in Clermont but claimed the “Friendship area.” If it means so much why not stay there or move there?

I hope everyone tries to wear the shoes of the other side on this issue. Virgil Williams is doing nothing but trying to improve his business. He is not the enemy in this issue. Wouldn’t we all do the same in his shoes? Well I guess only if you are all Capitalist.

Lastly a note to Pam Pucket. I saw you request time to discuss the issue with Commissioner Powell. I’m sure he will get back to you on Friday. Please remember that when elections come around. I hear he has big plans in the next election. Also realize he has the reputation of being the most responsive Commissioner in Hall County. I’m not sure he’s ever responded to an email ever sent to his Commission address.

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