Editor gets DUI, oh ya, and Bin Laden is dead

So, the editor of the Gainesville Times got a DUI!!


How is this news?  How many DUI’s go through Hall County Courthouse a week?  Why is this one so important?   Was Mitch Clarke driving under the influence while transporting WMD?  No?  So was he armed and dangerous?  No?  All in all this is just a run of the mill DUI in a county that has a flooded court system partly because of the number of DUI’s.   Didn’t Deal just finish Operation Rolling Thunder.

In a county that has so much going on with furloughs, major budget problems, threats to lay off our educators,  a confused County Commission,  replacing a Sheriff, and untold yet to be discovered issues, this issue is top dog?

So why is this such a big deal?   Was it the deal?  I have some breaking news for you, deals are made every day in that courthouse.  Just go there on ticket day and see Stephanie Woodards Minions out in the hallway with a milk crate full of files and tickets as well as a long line of offenders holding up a number like they are at butcher shop in New york city.  Now serving number 745,326.

They are out in the hallway to make deals in order to prevent all of those charged from having to go in front of a judge.  So tell me, was a deal given to Clarke really a big woop-t-doo?  Settling cases via negotiation is the way the system works.    Besides, in my opinion, the solicitors office isn’t knocking ’em dead in the area of successful prosecutions so getting one more off the books needs to be the focus in that office.   I have an idea, why not get out all the new employees that Mrs. Woodard has hired while everyone else in the county has been hit with furloughs to help with the processing of all those deals?

Oooooorrr,  Is this a ploy to blast the sheriffs office by the powers that want Jon P. Strickland in the sheriff’s seat?  Who knows.

The fact that this man was arrested for DUI in January is irrelevant.  The fact that he plead to the DUI is also irrelevant.     That he was out in an hour or so, to me, means that the jail wasn’t overly busy  and the officers were processing fast. I say “good job” to the deputies that were working that night.

There is more to this story and I intend on following up.  Why is everyone on high alert over a petty DUI?   Who is trying to gain what in this whole fiasco?    Something smells rotten.

Stay tuned….

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  4 comments for “Editor gets DUI, oh ya, and Bin Laden is dead

  1. Hugh Akston
    May 5, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    I think the issue is about double standards. When you have an organization that is supposed to report the news, something like this can become the news. Anytime someone says those 6 fateful words, “Do you know who I am”, it goes to show that they must feel some power or need for special treatment.

    A couple of things stand out: 1- if it were a normal public figure that doesn’t always hang out at the cool kids table, like Commissioner Gibbs, then it would have been in the news the day after the arrest, 2- this is an organization that can make or break an election.

    Part of the issue is the fact that it took months for this story to break. According to the evil Times, the publisher bailed out the editor, so it’s not like the paper didn’t know about it. Perhaps they tried to keep a lid on it to save credibility, but the fact is, the paper discussed reporting it and waited.

    I would bet that there are several people that get “special treatment”. I am sure we have had an NFL player or star high school athlete that has been given some special consideration. The fact is everyone involved from the Sheriff, to the Solicitor, to the Judge is a political animal. They all have elections. I think the issue falls squarely on the Times; I don’t believe that the Sheriff had cause to make a statement, nor do I feel that the Judge would be in the wrong. If the Times wants to be in politics and throw other people under the bus, then they need to make sure their house is in order.

  2. George T
    May 6, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    I agree. I don’t think this is an issue with the individual, I am worried that this was a situation that could have been used for leverage. It was dangerous for the Times to sit on the story.

  3. Sassy
    May 6, 2011 at 1:08 pm

    Exactly, The DUI isn’t the story. The standards of what constitutes as story to the Times is the ONLY story.

  4. Deborah L.
    July 1, 2011 at 6:22 pm

    A DUI conviction in Hall county is anything but PETTY. Seriously. The DUI court system in Hall is not to be taken lightly. Ask anyone who has gone through the program. it can ruin your life.

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