Do I Have to Vote?

So, I’ve been out of it the past couple of months; I thought that former Commissioner Ashley Bell was running for Mayor of Gainesville.  It turns out, that Ashley decided to sit this one out.  So where does that leave us?  Well, there was going to be some challenged positions for council, but two candidates failed to meet qualifications.  That just leaves us with a crowded field for Mayor that Dunagan described as largely ceremonial.

So what do we know about the candidates that will lead follow the council?

Former Mayor, Former Councilmember Danny Dunagan: O.k.  This dude has been around.  He even went so far as to suggest that churches in Gainesville be taxed.  I would say that he is the lead dog in this race.  I can’t find a web site for him.  If anyone finds one, let me know.

Rose Johnson, “Community Activist” (is that like community organizer?):  Here is another one that where I am having trouble finding information.  It does look like she filed suit against the City back in 2002 concerning a potential voter rights act violation.  This appears to be the same action that GALEO is taking now.

Debra Harkrider, former candidate for City Council: I guess people have given up on web pages.  Could I, at least, get a facebook page to look at?  Help!

Charles Alvarez, Real Estate and new dude:  Yeah, someone with a web page and a facebook page.  Alright, some of this guy’s FB posts are in Spanish; I am not sure how that is going to play.  I get that 41.6% of the Gainesville population is Latino or Hispanic, but how many can or, more importantly, will vote?

How does this one play out?  Charles Alvarez appears to be putting in the work (at least that is what his facebook page makes me think) and he is top of the ballot, but considering that there isn’t anything else on the ballot, it don’t see the normal help ballot position can give you.  Danny Dunagan may have made people mad, but he has a lot of name recognition and the dude has been reelected plenty of times.  Debra and Rose, I’m afraid that you will be sitting this one out.  Looks like Charles and Danny in a runoff.

This is where is get’s interesting…. Runoffs usually favor the person that comes in 2nd because it all comes down to who will get back to the polls.  I think Danny almost wins without a runoff (I put the over/under at 47%).  I think the community organizer activist throws her support behind Charles.  That leaves Debra as a bit of a wildcard; if she decides to help Charles, we may have an upset in the making.

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