Dirty Charity Need Not Apply

Messy Donation Box

If you have followed the Flowery Branch City Council and any of the other local governments, you are probably well aware that the bureaucrats in charge really like things to look pretty.  I like things pretty as much as the next person but how far are we willing to intrude on the rights of others using our standards of what’s “pretty” or “beautiful” in order to force compliance?  And at what cost?


One thing that is rarely pretty or beautiful at the onset is working with individuals in need of charity.  Of course, providing assistance to those in need is probably the highest calling most of us ever have.  And the rewards it offers usually turn out to be the greatest to our own development and self awareness.  But charity work, if done right, does not present itself all dressed up in a pretty package with a bow attached.  True, selfless charity work involves getting dirty.  It brings together people who are in various stages of need, often with no regard for what your own personal preferences may be regarding time, place and manner.


Real charity – the kind that in my opinion and the opinion of countless others – works best is that which is provided by you and me voluntarily rather than by the force of the government’s hand and serves those most in need.  Having personally devoted thousands of hours to this kind of charity over my lifetime, I can tell you, as can others, there is nothing pretty about it.  It is grit at its finest.


But alas, the Flowery Branch City Council seems to be adamant about making charity as pretty as possible.  The Council, fresh off a unanimous vote to pass an ordinance banning people from sitting in one place for more than an hour (You can read the new urban camping ordinance here: (Don’t Sit There!) has now decided that donation boxes placed outside city businesses should be removed because these boxes are apparently not PRETTY.  The boxes might occasionally overflow.  An unscrupulous Bozo may decide to take a leak inside a box or stick some trash in one or two of them.  Charity can’t deal with that.  Charity should be pretty, after all.  Reporter Jeff Gill with The Gainesville Times (Click here) has written a recent article on the ordinance and some of the thoughts behind it.


So come to Flowery Branch they say.  Just don’t come to sit here in one place too long and by all means, don’t take your household goods to a donation box that’s convenient for you.  There’s Goodwill for that.  In another city.  We have nice bushes on the highways leading into our city.  That’s where our Bozos pee.





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  1. November 5, 2015 at 2:22 pm

    Government doesn’t want charities because they want to be the charity. Now they want to regulate what I can or can’t do on my public property. Hmmm.

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