Dick Mecum, “I’m a Goldwater Conservative” a.k.a. Liberal

imageEveryone is talking about how Hall County Commission Chairman Dick Mecum said he was NOT a Republican. He claims he is a Barry Goldwater Conservative. I doubt he has a clue what that means. I think he’s using it as an excuse for his actions on the upcoming budget. Firstly, Barry Goldwater wasn’t the Conservative we imagine he was. Unless you are from Arizona and 60 years old or older you probably have no idea who Barry Goldwater truly was.

If anything made Barry Goldwater a Conservative it was his views on taxes. He was a pretty staunch fighter to continually lower taxes. Also he stood against tax money going to programs. Something Dick Mecum seems to know nothing about being that Mecum is for raising taxes and funding agencies. Other than that Goldwater was pretty liberal especially on social issues.

Goldwater is a well known bigot. He used the excuse of states rights to protect him from his beliefs on race. Goldwater publicly and adamantly opposed the Civil Right Act of 1964. Is Chairman Mecum embracing this kind of bigotry?

Goldwater also had a personal war with Christian Republicans. He constantly talked about how Christians were ruining the Republican Party. When liberal Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Conner was just a nominee, Goldwater was a supporter. ¬†When Jerry Falwell came out against her, Goldwater said, “Every good Christian should line up to kick Jerry Falwell’s ass.” Goldwater was against any prayer or Christian studies in schools. He was a supporter of abortion rights. And he also fought for gay rights. Does Goldwater sound like a Conservative to you? Well he’s Dick Mecums type of Conservative. Interestingly enough, Dick Mecum quit his church over a disagreement with his pastor over an issue on fairness of lake front property assessments. I wonder if these issues connect some how?

Goldwater’s own granddaughter (C C Goldwater) made a documentary (aired on HBO) about him. In it she states that if her grandfather were alive today he would be a liberal. Barry Goldwater himself would joke sometimes calling himself a liberal. The best known example is when he told Bob Dole they were both liberals and that is why Dole wasn’t embraced well by the Republican electorate when he ran for President.

Lastly, Goldwater was a big believer in UFOs. All I’m going to say on this issue is maybe aliens have abducted Chairman Mecum and brain washed him to the point that he has no idea what it means to be Consevative. Or maybe it’s his dementia that’s causing it. Oops, did I say that out loud? No one is suppose to talk about that. My bad, I won’t do it again.


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  1. June 16, 2015 at 11:55 pm

    The public is finally getting to see what I have dealt with for the past couple of years. The Chairman is a statist. He is a big government guy. Thanks for the article Dagny.

    Commissioner Chuck

  2. GT183
    June 17, 2015 at 2:43 pm

    If I recall, when Dick ran for office, he all but admitted to having never held a private sector job. He has been on the government dole his whole life. We need better choices when we go to the polls. If I recall, our choices last time where Tom, Dick, and Harry.

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