Commissioner Powell Hates YOUR Yard!

On Monday the Times reported that the Hall County Commission revised their sewer rate proposal at the Planning Meeting. As usual the Times was wrong. It was a completely different plan proposal by Commissioner Billy Powell. The fun part is that it was written by South Hall, Village of Deaton Creek resident Phyllis Mercer. Phyllis, as most people know, has an opinion about everything and is an ardent supporter of Tom Oliver and Billy Powell. Phyllis decided she did not like the county plan so she wrote a whole new plan gave it to Billy and of course Billy ran with it.

Why in the world does Commissioner Billy Powell get involved in everything not in his district? Back in November Dagny Taggert talked about how Billy was trying to place the new Fire Station in District 3, North Hall. Now Billy is trying to decide how the South Hall Sewer District will be priced. No matter what the cost to the citizens. Remember they don’t vote for Billy so why not mess with them.

So under the Mercer/Billy Plan around 60% of all the sewer users will have to pay more than the current structure. Under the staff plan around 60% of user’s rate will go down.

I think there is a reason for Billy wanting to charge so much for the sewer. I think Billy truly doesn’t understand sewer. His plan prices sewer for ever drop of water used. Well last time I thought about sewer I realized that not ever drop of water bought goes in the sewer. Especially in the summer when people wash their cars, water their lawns, and God forbid fill up/top off their swimming pools, etc…

So yes, I’m basically saying that I do not think Billy is all that smart. Keep in mind he is the guy that at the planning meeting on Monday asked how much the county paid for the BMW in the Sheriff’s auto fleet. Hey Billy ever heard of drug seized vehicles? Can you imagine Sheriff Cronic going to Purchasing and asking them to RFP a BMW? When Billy asked the BMW question I felt bad because people in the audience were giggling at the stupidity.

Commissioner Powell I hope someone reads this and tries to explain to you that paying for a county service (sewer) that is not used (watering the yard) is wrong. It borders on theft. But remember we are dealing with the Government so it’s really just a Tax Increase. Note for the future that Billy only care about your taxes being low in his opinion not yours.

Commissioners, you have the opportunity to do the correct thing for the citizens and keep the rate low. People can’t afford a huge Sewer Rate (TAX) Increase. I hope someone stands up and shows leadership.

  3 comments for “Commissioner Powell Hates YOUR Yard!

  1. GT183
    December 19, 2012 at 1:42 am

    Too funny. Maybe he plans to run for Chairman in 4 years and wants to start winning votes now.

  2. Riled Up
    December 19, 2012 at 5:33 pm

    Well the Commissioner can kiss my grits! I like my petunias, so that old dude on the commission video who was offended by everything, can kiss my grits too!

  3. Curious
    December 19, 2012 at 7:59 pm

    This is just funny! Curious to see how Billy Powell acts and is treated by the new commission.

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