Charged with Aggravated Stupidity

Inside Job

The Hall County Truth has received the court documents filed by Lutz and his Attorney, Paul Stanley on August 23rd.  The  Times summarized the 67 page document by saying that “Lutz denies there are sufficient grounds for his recall as outlined in the state’s election law.”    Yep, that is what it is about, but there is some interesting information in the document.

When we last talked about the recall effort, we questioned if “Commissioner Lutz have a case against the members of the committee, or the people who circulated the petition, or everyone that signed.”   In looking at the circulators, there are some interesting names: Ann Jones, Pat Zalewski, and Mr. Oliver and Mrs. Oliver.  No, it’s not Tom (the Chairman) and Sally, it is his son and Daughter in Law.

The Olivers are to be expected, but what is the connection with Mrs. Zalewski and Ms. Jones?  Well, Commissioner Lutz served with Mrs. Zalewski and Miss Jones’ mother, Mary, on the Flowery Branch City Council.  Miss Jones also happens to be a former Flowery Branch councilmember.  Of course, you wouldn’t be surprised to see the Jones family contributions to the Oliver campaign in 2004.  Mrs. Zalewski has always tagged along with Mary Jones, so would it surprise you to see the elder Jones notarized the documents?  It doesn’t surprise me.

From scrolling back through some of the Flowery Branch minutes, I can see why Mrs. Zalewski and Mrs. Jones hold a grudge against the Commissioner: 1- just like when Commissioner Lutz started with the county, he made a splash with the council by offering a motion to move the meeting times.  Needless to say, the motion failed.  2- Lutz opposed the city’s plan to purchase property.  As it turns out, the city is now leasing the property, but I don’t think it is at the market rate.  3- go figure, Lutz wasn’t the first person to try and revise history via the meeting minutes.  You can see some of the details here.

So basically, the Jones’s (and Zalewsli by association) are just tax and spend RINOs like the Chairman.  So if you think that this is anything but a ploy by the Chairman, I would love to hear from you.

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  1. gt183
    August 30, 2011 at 9:00 am

    The good ole girls are at it.

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