Chairman Attila the Hun

It was good seeing our new Chairman on TV coming just short of calling for a police state here in Hall County.  You can skip all the fun and jump to his speech starting at the 1:18:26 mark.  The best part is that the Chairman announced that he is to the “right of Attila the Hun on this issue”.  Seeing as Attila the Hun was around 406-453 A.D. and the Chairman wouldn’t be considered a young pup, perhaps the Chairman knew him and his politics personally.  Here are some quotes:

“Chieftains must understand that the spirit of the law is greater than its letter.” – Atilla the Hun;  My guess is that the current Chairman doesn’t care about the details.  It didn’t matter that there were things in the ordinance that didn’t make any sense, he just wanted it passed.

“Never arbitrate. Arbitration allows a third party to determine your destiny. It is a resort of the weak.” – Atilla the Hun; When Commissioner Stowe talked about working with the Sheriff on an ordinance that makes sense, the Chairman basically said that he didn’t want a watered down ordinance.

I guess the Chairman’s next move will be to ask to have Habeas Corpus suspended.  How about just overlooking the 4th amendment and randomly search homes?

I will confess that I supported the Chairman in the last election and now I am going to probably have to pay off a bet to a friend that tried to tell me about Mecum’s days in the Sheriff’s office.  It just goes to show you that words are just words.

Riled Up!

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