State Politics

State Politics

A Guy Making a Difference


Leo Smith is a man on a mission. That mission, telling and showing people of color that it is okay to be a Conservative. Leo has worked with the Republican Party for years getting out the message. The evidence of his hard work and the work of others was manifested in Gov Deal’s re-election. Did…

Pass the Clothespin

Boy with Clothespin On Nose

By: Amanda SwaffordWe constantly complain there aren’t enough good candidates running for office. We see others hold the proverbial clothespin firmly on their nose and vote for candidates they really don’t like.  Unless we have decided to totally disengage from the system, we all do it at some point. In Georgia, such behavior is essentially…

Schools getting hit hard this year.

First time school board members must be asking themselves why they ran for school board. The State starts by telling them they may stop paying for insurance for all part time non-certified employees. Then the State tells them they may take away the E-SPLOST penny in fuel tax by converting it to an excise tax.

Down to Your Last Strike

“And even man’s desire to live is not automatic: your secret evil today is that that is the desire you do not hold. Your fear of death is not a love of life and will not give you the knowledge needed to keep it. Man must obtain his knowledge and choose his actions by a…

New Year, New Beginning

Since losing my race for Georgia Public Service Commission last May, I have had 7 months to think about two things: what am I going to do next and what did I actually accomplish in 6 years of public service? So, when the opportunity came along to acquire this website, I felt like it would…

Bike vs. Car

I had a choice, do I go watch the circus for Flowery Branch city council or do I go watch the circus of bikes vs. cars?  I hate to say, I went with the circus under the big top (But I did send a spy to the other).

Get back in line

School is back in session.  Over Christmas break I received a few e-mails from the radicals and Tea Parties concerning Common Core standards that we have started to implement here in Hall County.  For those who need to catch up, here is a balanced article from the Wall Street Journal.